got back from easter camp. had such an amazing time.

felt so close to God once again. my group was the best. syndrome…hehehe so loved them!! such fab four days. the last night i fell asleep on the floor in my sleeping bag in the wrong room… we intened to do a 24, well karen insisted she was going to do it… but we all failed.  we did loads of little stuff. games…. stuff! went for a night walk in the first night. so dark and muddy  i dont like mud! worship and talks were veryvery good. food….ermmm  beans…just beans…bean soup, bean curry…bean on toast…just BEANS.the guys were veryvery gasy…not very nice.

i was lucky to have the smaller room and only shared with 5 people.the other room was shared between 10. the shower room was so small we couldnt change in there at all…hahaha it aws fun

theme night: gangster! woooohooo! so funny! we did skits and dance, my group spent more time on the skit coz we thought that was the only thing we CAN do *we can NOT dance* turned out we lost the skit and won the dance….  we took the dance comp not very seriously so we decided to do a sunday school dance to the song ‘our God is so big’ we rock! jesus rocks.

got home then went to bed at 9:00…woke up at 11:00am 14hours sleep. heheheh lazy bumbum. really felt God’s love

on the other hand… i found out last night that a girl i knew got hit by a bus and she died…  i was so shock i dont know how to react… i dont even know her THAT well…but i cant forget her smile. she was a REALLY sweet girl. everyone loved her. shes just one of those people who you HAVE to like… her brother is in our year…GCSE year…hai…i still cant believe it. i keep seeing her when i close my eyes…knowing that i will never see her again.

+ Zohal, you will always be loved and we will never forget you. R.I.P +

hmmmm long time no update….. was so busy. still busy. going to school even though it is the easter holidays. i am too keen to learn~

warmer nowadays  is nice. so excited~~ easter camp sooon! cant wait! just to get away and spend time with God

yeeee….. xanga premium… trial….how do i get rid of it?!?!? i dont like it, i dont know HOW to use it….!!

anyway, i am living a mega busy life at the moment, by next friday i will have to have my textile project completed… i have to make a top and a skirt…in one week, i still have to do the written folder work  hoo fann ar! and i got english cwk, violin exam…the list goes on

on the brighter side, I GOT THE PINK PHONE!!!! is so small and cute AND ITS PINK!  wooooohooooo i dont think i will ever need to change my phone~

i feel so ill, got a cold….may be its because i have been sleeping so little lately.. couldnt sleep very well past 2 nights, got a block nose…now really tired ~bleh~ got an interview tomorrow…if they ask me why i want to go to their school, you think i can say…..i dont

okok i have GOT to sew!!

as you can see….made some changes… it is no longer pink  i dont know what came over me….

school again, never ending school~ lunch time was spent inside a class room doing AS japanese, hahaha me and a friend won a game, and we won a pencil hahaah…..then we had PE last lesson, did badminton and trampolining  weeeeeeee~ so much fun.

ooo i might be geting a new phone, either my mum or me is going to get the pretty pink phone. I WANT IT!

onaka ga suita~

and now…. i really need to do my work !!

went church. tpf. english service, then worship pratice….  hehehe sooo fun.

now REALLY bored…with loads of work waiting to be completed. then another day at school…. oooo crapy…need to do japanese homework  why oh why am i so lazy?!

ooo yes, got a letter from mill hill county saying i got an interview with them…  i dont really want to go there…. what am i going to do in the interview…. tell them about my lazy life….how i do things the last min. how i hate work?! oh my gosh they are going to love me~~~~