japanese listening, reading, done. harder then expected but not too bad. if i fail then blame mr heath becasue he didnt stop the tape when hes supposed to. so i had like 2 secs to write down long answers. arggh stupid man.

i really really really should be revising seeing my GCSE is like TOMORROW…. just felt like doing something on xanga…so pointless.~~

spanish listening tomorrow…what a good start to all my exams!



yesterday. ms fudge teddy had a bday praty and it was sooo fantasticaly fun that i wanna do it again. pie-ing her face was just pure joy! and spending time with my favoritest brothers and sisters and friends is also very fab. met sharon  hahaha she is sooo much fun! everyone was deendeen dey. FUN

today. family fellowship. beautiful sunshine. spent all day in lil han’s BIGBIG garden… it was like a park. was on the swing and revising spanish… o i am so good! sun bathed more…. and everyone took other people’s shoes….. bbq. food very goodish… dropped stuff everywhere. went to a random person’s house and got spanish help….

oral tomorrow…. i need jesus…