is really cool and nice-ish is hk…the rain is like really refreshing.

i cant believe mel and lester got married and i was there… 😦 man, i have missed so much. missing london

in someones house right now. lately not been toooo good. been illish and stuff but i do love shopping…all i need is money.

fudgie coming sooooon :D:D:D:D:D::DDDDD very happy

i feel sad…i miss home…i miss everyone back home. hk is to LOUD and STUFFFFFYY

when to this MASSIVE church today and like…loads of people. apparently 5000 people…! the message was very good, about the way jesus pray and how we can learn from him.

one more week then i am home (with all my shoppings)

1 thing i learnt…londons weather is acturally really nice…….

in hk…got a bit of time on the public comp…. so i will write something

last week did work exp in a hospital!! sooo good.. will write more later.

today. went watch inital D with char ewic and louisa! heehee boring film..all about cars but good people. eg edison! 😀

then we went photoland to take pictures so bad. pictures are no good.

then we went to hunt for food and they are all stupid so i had to take them to eat. food was erh….hmmmm

sylv, if you read this….we want to meet up with you in hk!!

gonna go swimming now wooohooo