above shows a picture that has nothing to do with this blog or anything to do with my day at all   

* more moodboards today. 6 completed 4 more to go………..

* i got myself a cup of hot choco for 12p paid in pure coppers

* tomorrow is a new exciting day

* working in their showroom tomorrow in mayfair. have no idea what i am expected to do but i was told to dress smart and they said it’s gonna be POSH 

* my fav time of day is 4 o’clock when i finish work and go home

* when i get home i sit in front of tv and watch chinese ket jap thats pretty much very related to my current work exp.

* i declare, my life is sad.

4 thoughts on “

  1. hannnahhh..im in the shuttle bus station now..so annoying, today i went to shoe street somewhere in HK..and loooked everywhere for nice convereses…argh* cudnt find any…so annoying, and then i found a really nice pair, but htey didnt have my size…RAH*…
    la..i think im gna get my hair cut…layered and bla..if i find a cheap alright place. rah* gna go dinner sooon..didnt buy much today, just bought a longgggg green cardigan. its nice. i still cant find nice patchy trousers that will look nice on me..they will not look clownish..ahrg*
    u know what? i bought the ‘jeng jong gai’ [ the guy who sung the mow lie song..gosh* that reminds me of the churng K days with u! ^^ ] album. yeh..its quite good..i think i will buy the Janice album before i go aswell, otherwise when i get bk i know i will totally regret not buying it.
    ..i went bk to fa yuen guy today, and cudnt find the spotty cardi or the michelle top ar. so bloody annoying, i shud of got it when i was out wiith u..
    okei, i think i shud go, i’m on e-messenger so hope u come on…it shud be the afternoon in eng right now.
    bye bye
    fudgie fudgie fudgie xoxx


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