another update…. i really have nothing better to do …..

yesterday went to work in the showroom down in the westend, very posh place and my job was to hang up clothes models take off and put them in the right place. but it was fun

today boring, back at the office. was so tired i had to buy 2 cups of chocolate to keep me awake. (would have got coffee but i dont like coffees)

finished watching the chinese fashion ket jap

i have a lot in my mind right now. lots to think about. it seems like i never really fully know what i want to do in life. sometimes what i want is not what i need.

i am amazed at how little efford i put into all my friendships. and i realised that i am never the one to start a conversation when i meet new people.  i am a really shy person. and i also dont have a social life….. these are the stuff i have learnt about myself from the past weeks.

AS result out tomorrow. i took a day off work just for this speical day. should be fun.

[in deep thoughts]


3 thoughts on “

  1. hey gurl! why does your xanga take so long to load??? maybe it’s the cheeeesy song you’ve put on it  :tongue:
    Wishing you the best for your results tomorrow! Will be praying for you  :biggrin:


  2. hope you did well!!!
    and plus you can’t put “efford” into friendships, (maybe effort was the word you were searching for!), and plus if everyone was extrovert , then no-one would be able to get in a word edgeways!
    you don’t have to have a “great socail life” to bring glory to God, and that ultimately is your goal in life!  :innocent: so bring a little glory to God and start with a SMILE! :hehe:


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