a B for japanese AS. i am happy because i was told that i was going to fail. never been so happy about a B before in my life. God is good

so i went brent cross with sonia because we were happy

 and we did this:

our little game of picking each others outfits



8 thoughts on “

  1. Congratulations on your B!!!! Did i not say that you were not going to fail :tongue: I love it when you prove teachers wrong!!! hehe


  2. gal i was so happy for you when you rang me this morning!Still am!*big hig*  :hug: so proud of you!Well Done!!Wow,one down…9 more to go… 
    btw,love the dress! :wub: Wait till i become a designer,my outfits won’t cost you an arm and a leg! :laugh:


  3. heya,
    congrats for ur AS results ar. its pouring rain in HK right now..and im goin home tonight. at 12am. its annoying that i cant really go church when i get there, cos i’l be arriving at like 5am in the morning, and i COULD make it, but my parents r too tired and stuff, and they say i need sleep. so it will probably be a week till i see u guys.
    bla.very bored. feeling very dry and boring.
    bye bye~ fudgie. xox
    p.s i bought the Janice album.
    p.p.s. i finally bought patchy trousers [ from crazyroom]
    p.p.p.s i got  a hair cut.


  4. heya,
    just got a chance to say u look very princessy in that dress! cos those pics didnt load up in HK. i hope the comp willwork soon..otherwise it will be a while till i upload fotos.. haii*
    anyway..feeling really bored and mega tired – cos its really 3am in HK right now. =S i love my patchy trousers. they look realy crazy though. well i did get it from crazyroom..so i guess it makes sense. i don’t care if ppl dont like them, cos i like them.
    bye la ^^ xox


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