changed my xanga. this is all because fudgie gave me the courage to. after 10 days of endless work and in between the waiting hours of my results, she gave me the idea to change my xanga to fill up the time. and i do wanna thank her very much. without her, i would never have borthered and i would have thought about my results even more which could have lead to perment depression. THANK YOU!

and also. it is in my nature to rebel and cause dramatic changes….

i got a dress  

i am done with work

i wont be able to sleep tonight

tomorrow should be ‘FUN’

7 thoughts on “

  1. hahahah* elaine is right, it does load quicker! thnx hun, for the blog! chti 2 u on msn, but mite aswell say it here , hope ur results go okei la..!!  :biggrin:i know its a major nervous time right now, so good luck **
    anyway,bye bye xox


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