wow….! i think the others have said it all.

the night before results day. i couldnt sleep very well. wasnt scared….but i was feeling kinda weird for not knowing what to expect. the next day i got to school at 11 and they made me wait for half an hour to give me my results and i tell you…that 30mins was the longest 30mins in my life.

when i got my result i was nearly in tears….not because i did badly but i was so happy it was over. and i was more than happy with my results. i shall be going to woodhouse college in september. 😀 God has been there every step with me during the hardest time doing my GCSEs and He has provided me with a bunch of loving friends to give me supports. i have learnt so much these past 2 years, not just academically but also spiriturally. so much joy inside of me

after hanging out with school friends i was off to karens house with the pasta half cooked by my mum and half cooked by me. the details of the evening are recorded in the others xanga. all in all a fantastic evening and i am so happy for all of you. you guys have done so very well, i am sure God is very pleased with all your efforts and hard work.

today. went to central london with mum and met up with dad for lunch at his work place. oh my! the food was GOOOOD so much to choose from it was simply mouth watering. and the chocolate brownie was too nice for words. then walked around oxford stree without a single purchase. we did well.

and now i am happy as i can be and very hungry too.

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  1. ah hannah, long gone ago did we have that conversation about choosing which college to go to! GREAT CHOICE, i would have chosen woodhouse myself  :tongue: well done  :thumbsup:


  2. never sniff alchohol?!! sniff>?..arnt u supose to drink it though..hmm…LOL>..stilll kinda bored..maybe il go downstairs to do some not be here for a while on msn. il come upstairs once in a while la. im hungry. no1 at home with food. have to wait till parents come bk..=-=..gosh* how sad. bye


  3. Well done, I’m so happy that you’re happy with your results and that you seemed to celebrate in style!  Nothing better than a good night with friends to appreciate how special your day was!  See you soon xx


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