i feel like an update

didnt do much today, morning had violin lesson and was more than happy yo talk to my teacher about my life rather than acturally playing the violin. got home an decided to type up everything i did during my work experience in hk. written half a page since then and its no where near finishing

been chilling alot to day. tomorrow will be a busy day then………….friday……


a new start with new people and new everything! new opportunities of spreading God’s word….but somehow i dont feel ready to do so… i feel slightly pressured and yet still want people to see jesus when they see me…. dunno…just feel kinda scared. i guess i’ll jsut have to rely on Him.

was looking through old photos and found this  

im liking this weblog entry thingy

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  1. yehhhhhhhh!! tomorrow tomorrow *^_^* fun fun fun!! btw…du wanna come around my house after or something? =S gna see if fudge can come around..and shaz will probably come round..lol =D
    see u tomorow =P


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