* work experience- working at a place called Frank Usher, they make pretty evening and formal clothes and they can be very pretty

* i work 9 to 4 in the design department and sometimes i give a hand unpicking things too

* i have been doing a lot of mood boards, they can be very pretty. but i am bored of cuting and sticking now

* i also had fun finding pretty fabrics in a pile of unwanted materials

* however, i dont really like this job. maybe textiles isnt my thing? i liked my job at the hospital better. this just doesnt give me the thrill and job satisfaction. its not really the kinda job i want to do in the future

* thats enough typing for a day. family fellowship tomorrow. should be interesting

IM BACK. missed me? no? but i missed you

got off the plane at like 6ish in the morning and i decided to go to church. what a smart girl. nearly died off in ES dued to the lack of sleep for the past week. i m updating just for the purpose of stay awake and waiting for 10 oclock to come so i can SLEEP

wow…hk, what can i say? the heat was unearable. it was sticky. it was loud. people dont talk on the phone they scream. everywhere you go you see couples holding hands, cute at first but after a few days you kinda wanna go over and kick them. and the night of thunder……..my goodness that was one scary night. half of hk girls dress weird, the other half dress like boys. if you see a boy in hk, they are either a real boy or a girl.

shopping was good, $5 can get you nice clothes, thats less then 50p

i am gonna write abit about my holiday now, so if you want you can stop reading here—————————–

work exp was fab. went to a hospital and worked in the pharmacy department. i packed medicines into, bags/bottles/boxes etc. i have learnt so much, forgotten half the stuff i learnt. but i got to wear the white cape thingy and SARs mask. it just felt so good working there even though half the time was spent sitting around waiting and wishing i had something to do.


most exciting days were the days i met up with dear friends from london. 1st time, charlotte, eric, louisa and i went to watch inital D and then we just stood around ….. standing waiting and wishing but it was really fun in general. and playing in the kiddies park was just too much fun

then after a veryvery long wait fudgie finally arrives. spent 2 days with them and their friends. we went sing k in APM and we just laughed, dear fudgie sang the beetles.

2nd time meeting up with dear friends we went ice skating in festival walk. $45 was spent wisely. i didnt fall……..only once when i took fudgies hand and she fell i went down with her…just to be nice. but somehow i couldnt get up. ice skating….we just went around and around trying not to bump into any little kids going in the wrong direction. we played choochoo train and they left me flying~ o i do love to skate

then erhh we went to take sticker pictures in PHOTOLAND <<great name… and met up with sylv, cliff and harry or henry…..that was the last time with sylv unless she comes back and visit

then spent the last few days with fudgie…. we went shopping and pretended we didnt understand chinese but we could sing chinese songs. ( oooo yes that reminds me!!! THE SONG”!!!!!! gonna listen to it NOW!!)

i am tired…..

hk was funish but i think 5 weeks been way too long