[how do you do it? how do you make me feel so hated?! ]

yesterday was funny  i now know how beautiful it is to have your dad dropping you to church every sunday.

i saw the funniest russian couple yesterday.. not sure if they were a couple….not even sure if they were russian…. but in the hothot london underground, the guy had a furry hat on. a white blazer  with a bit of green edge….some tie thingy that sticks out of his collar. YELLOW socks with black shoes and green trousers….. the lady…..furry hat, pink gloves, pvc shiny red bag with a white cross on it…..very short skirt and a big coat with furry collar………………………………. they were fun to look at!

i cant believe i stood outside my door for 10 mins coz i didnt know how to open it………

today tpf after 2 weeks not gonig. awww good old tpf and tj kids  way cool. the sketch when pretty well i guess.

it was delightful to be seated next to weifong in ES. (wouldnt it be cool if her surename is fong? wei-fong fong ) lemme show you a pic of my happy chappy…..is way better than weiwei’s snowman dude….

i was listening to the sermon, i really was!!

serving food when you are starvingly hungry is………horrible… and i was only allowed to give one veryvery small spoon of ginger spring onion sauce thingy. and is pretty funny to see how many people begged for more food, even ginger sauce~


i love singing

i love singing in the shower

i love singing to songs i like

i love singing when i am sad

i love singing when i am happy

i love singing when i am alone in my empty old house

i love singing songs with my brother

i love singing to songs thats easy to sing to

i love singing when my mum is trying to drive and i end up scaring her when i sing in a funny voice

i love singing when i acturally know the lyrics to the song…..(not often)

i love singing when i have a cold. i sound so funny

i love singing out of tune coz is just beautiful


i  also love singing when my helf term ends up being mainly boring (beside wednesday)

gonna update……nothing happened since the last update……… the end~

listened to music all day…all kinds of music…. in a pretty good mood right now coz not long ago i have decided to look at some certain thing someother way. it makes me more happy  

i always want to show you all the pinkness of my room!

nice? and pink heehee

and wanna show you the…..nice…..boxes………

notice the coding system

and also….the lovely stairs (at an angle to try to voided the mess in the corner…)

i also want to bring jon this veryvery GOOD NEWS (if he actually reads this that is….) is even better than the fact that i live near mcfly

i have a bus outside my house that will take me straight to your’s!  mwahahahahhah be afraid! i can come visit you every single day, great or what?!


—-i have nothing to update about my life, i just forgot to mention that i now live near McFly. however, i dont have a clue how they look like….. i just know i hate them! —–

* F r e s N e w  H o m e *

for those who care. i have moved house (with the help of the incredible oh-so-strong karen). i have a new address (obviously…) and new number. will send out the detail one day…..so all may come around…one day….. and watch the veryveryvery big plasma tv   once i figured out how to turn it on. also ….half the arsenal players live near me including thierry henry, i can find out where he lives coz my friends dad changed his window for him once!

internet was cut for a while back at my old place….and what was the 1st thing that i do? grabbed the nearest phone. such a typical teenage thing to do…..

right now i have got a bed. computer. clothes. and many boxes in various different shades of brown. its pretty much enough.

i havnt seen some of you (you meaning the one reading this, if theres anyone there) for a while. (lucky you) even though it may not matter to you, it does to me. i miss you very much indeed  lifes sooo boring without you!

does anyone else have the habit of reading whats on the computer screen from the bottom to the top?

my arms are killing me…………. to many boxes and not enough muscles…

[craving for attention]

right now i am trying to warm my fingers up by blogging…… is sOoOoOoOoO (you get the idea) COLD

not a very good day today…..been having half days since monday but today out of all days had to be a FULL day! art was super crap coz my delightful teacher told me how i shouldnt have done my stuff the way i did….. is like gee thanks! now i can just use your brill advise and rip my sketch book up coz you told me about what i did wrong just in time!!! she is such a _______________ *fill in the gap…..i m not as imaginative as fudgie when it comes to cursing teachers  help me out!*

everything was crap

i got my psycho essay back and i got a A  *jump for joy* no thanks to ewic….(the stuff he told me about was the stuff i got wrong~~)

i saw the prettiest sky this morning, even though i woke up late. it was purple, pink…..beautiful sunrise (without the sun coz i couldnt see it) took a pic of it with my phone…… and becasue my phone pink….it means that is a CRAP phone and so the pic turned out crap aswell! got rather annoyed coz i was in a rush this morning, i could have taken a nicer pic with my cam….. but no! i HAD to wake up late, i HAD to not open the blinds in the morning, i HAD to have a crap phone………

got me thinking….i really dont want to miss a single glimpse of His beauty, sometimes i am too lazy to open my eyes to search and when i do look. i have missed loads of it already

i really dont have much to say apart from the fact that i still havnt had dinner and its now 8:10……….

*note to self: typing does not warm fingers up* so i might aswell go do some work

dad just came in and said the internet will be cut soon  that means i will acturally be able to get on with some work!

ooOOOOoooooo this thursday is wear it pink day!!!!!! out of all colours….why pink?! i like so dont have anything to wear~~~

yeah enough said…

pic taken outside a PINK ballerina shop (fudgie lol)

(for thoses who cant see the pic…..karen…)pic featuring a ballerina box thats impossible to open, pair of fairy wings and a very cute pink thing….ooo and a shoe…


loads of pictures…..so wait for them to load…..

this is for you elaine!!

had a FAB day at LONDON ZOO  met a lot of animals and spent ages observing some red face spider monkey! bless that little monkey, he got annoyed at being observed~

Image hosted by Photobucket.com 

he has very nice eye lashes

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

very red birds

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

hippo! took this for you karen! now we know how to draw hippos

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

the only picture of me and sonia with an animal (DIY)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

‘yeah, i am one cool lama~’

Image hosted by Photobucket.com 

pretty bird with a bit of orange

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

me and my family

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i love this pic of dory!!! it looks liek i took it from the film

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i couldnt leave london zoo without finding nemo first

hahaha i had too much fun


i was all fired up to serve Him, i had a passion to serve Him….. but when i was given opportunities, He takes it away from me….. i dont understand….makes me feel kind of useless….. but i guess i can serve Him anywhere…. its just that something in me REALLY wants to serve Him and yet something is holding me back but i dont know what that is that is holding me back….

anywho~ i am going to the zoo tomorrow for a psycho trip (haha a psycho trip hahahah)…. i cant wait! never been to the london zoo