thought i would never be able to get back on xanga ever again….
before xanga dies off again…. i want to show you this

happy birthay weifong…this is a bit late but thats coz xanga didnt work yesterday

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*happy birthday jon for tomorrow*

remember, EAT LOADS! just dont eat football with H20 in it…

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xanga seems to be
working ok now….phew….. i was getting a bit worried yesterday. i
thought..where am i gonna express my randomness now?! xanga is a bit of
an ART to me. and
is all about communication. (learnt today in art lesson)


we are currently doing
buliding environmant. that means lots of drawing, photography, going
around central london sketching! plus i got an ORANGE sketch book!

my orange sketch book and the coolest view finder

…….i am loving art

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i saw this beautiful sunset today…. blue, then purple…then red….

but all i had was a view from the smallest window of my chemistry lab…..

makes me want to cry….. (fudgie, it would have made a good sunset pic……)


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time for an update….even though not many people read this stuff anymore i will still update for the sake of updating


i am going to become a professional baby sitter! ok maybe not professional…but getting paid to sit and watch tv with a 11 year old kid is my idea of a dream job. location: 30 secs away from my own home.  i shall never be late for work.

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open evening- i looked cool eating in the canteen with my black lab coat


no college- went around to my old school to collect gcse certificate. then jap class


had 2 tests and had to hand in my art… but i made it out alive

japanese homework

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fug’s blog reminded me of….[CAGE IT]

imagine God looking at your life…we see our lifes as a line, sort of time line right, things happen at this time, another thing happens at this time. Yet God sees time all at once, he sees all things happen at once, so he doesn’t see your life as a line but as a dot, and things that haven’t happened yet, he has already seen at the same time.

who would you leave your life to? to someone (us) who have no idea where the line is gona go, or what is gona happen next, or what to do next. or are you gona give it up to someone who drew your life story, whos not only planned but seen whats gona happen in your life for sure?

^ those are NOT my words before i get shot for copy rights……


thats why i have been knitting again……..


as you can see….i dont have much to update about

just got back from my little trip to see HARRY POTTER ! what can i say?? pretty damn good for a hp film! lets just say it nearly made me cry……. and there were moments where i jumped out of my seat…

someone poured pop-corn over me and my friend… so i ate most of it off…

i saw my old school mate in the film as an extra!!! gooo him!


cho chang needs a slap big hug…… she looks really……..fat but not beautiful beautiful in her own way… and she has a blooming cute scottish accent! she only has two bloody important lines in the whole film…..   

saw little hannah and family and also julie- ex-tpfer

so much for a film review =)

let me rename you….

this is soooo weird but i spent some time thinking about you guys and i felt i had to say this……

some of you guys have been given the wrong names…..

here are what you should have been….

karen– Ellen well anything with Ell would do

weifong– Winnie/Wendy/Cindy

ewic– Philip

joe– Tom

fudgie– Catherine/Kate

jon– Sam

et– Robert

char– Shelly

james– Bob

and no elaine, you are not left out. i think you are the only one who actually looks like your name! you are a true elaine!!!

i dunno…i can just see you guys with those names….

thought i would add a bit a flavor to this pointless blog…

[karen, i dont know why but i cant get on to your xanga….. =( ]

sunday had been a really good day. yee gave a very good interactive session on spiritual habits and it helps me realise my relationship with God…if its not moving forward, then it must be going backward…and its obvious where i was heading.

i fit in very well with the metaphor of getting married and only meet up few times every year. i am just like that…well i ‘meet up’ with God every morning….if i wake up early that is…and spend 5mins with Him…. if that was a marriage… would have had divorce written all over it!

matts talk in ES was cool too! ministers of a new covenant. in my nurture group, we were talking about how it is a honor to be part of God’s plan. God doesnt NEED us at all….but He put us in His plan. how nice is that!

its encouraging as i have a fear of doing badly and ruining CU if i do start up one at college. but now i have come to see that if i do mess up….it is not going to ruin God’s plan… if He wants those people at college to be saved, He can do it even if i mess it up big time! ………but even so…prayers are still needed

i am home early from college

i have decided to make everything gray….to go with my mood (and due to extreme boredom again…)

i really have nothing to update about my life….. if you want to read something interesting read the kogepan blog~

[i am just gonna blab on to sound ambiguous. dont worry i just copied it from one of those emails i put some people trough. its chosen at random]

maybe i am in a hurry to see this game finish. i want to know where i stand. i cant imagine how this will end. i let my imagination run wild. but that will cost me too much. i am just trying to hide the facts.

i dont want to get hurt. i dont want to come in between anything. maybe i should just live in my imagination? where everything works out. where this game is not a game.


i chase after happiness. but there are too much to trip me up on the way. where as in my imagination….its smooth.




seriously i really dont know what that was about…..


i am learning about schizophrenia in psychology. so if you ever want to be diagnosed you know who to find




i need help….

basically i asked my teacher if my college had a Christian union…and the answer is….no, they did. but coz is a 6th form college, people come and go and now theres no CU…. i was disappointed. but then my teacher suggested that i start up one.

the thing is i would LOVE to…. i really would. but its just that theres a part of me feel that i am not able to..i KNOW that it wont be me doing it. it would be the work of God if there is going to be anything.

i also know that God can do anything. i believe He has the power to. i just dunno where to start… to start….or how to over come the fear. i know (again) that i have nothing to be scared about but the feeling of fear remains… i just feel really powerless…. i dont feel that i have the ablites to do it…..

it makes me sad that i dont have the courage to actually start up one without questioning God…. so i need you guys to pray for me.  pretty please! and those who goes CU….maybe….tell me what exactly do you do there??


this morning as i opened the blinds i thought to myself….it’s one of those jack johnson mornings

awww the weekend came and gone. it had to be one of the best weekend so far since the last good weekend!

saturday…..fireworks! i stayed at home all day and did all my work

good thing i live next to bill gate, they were rich enough to have real fireworks in their garden!


bill gate is cool

sunday ……….. went in at 10……so early…. mission conference! was really good talk (for the first time i actually concentrated a bit in mission conference) then film! a kind of unofficial birthday thing for elaine’ thing but it wasnt for her birthday (said elaine)

elizabethtown…..what can i say? i saw the trailer…(and stole the background off their website…hope they wont hunt me down for copyright stuff…) the trailer made the film sound so good……….. but ummmm it wasnt….. they had funny bits here and there….but as a whole it was rubbish

it was cuteish and romanticish……………………………………

then i took the tube home on my own (after departing from jon) i got scared only coz a little girl looked at me weird…..people on tubes…so weird!!