and we’re not gonna live forever. can you tell me is it now or never. i’m not gonna make up your mind….

i don’t wanna live without you. And I don’t wanna live a lie. we’ll never know till we try.

………yeah we’ll never know till we try

back to being

a nice day out with elaine and ewic in london =D is a shame no pictures were taken… no pictures makes me sad….

so i took a picture of yet another beautiful sunset created by GOD

TONES of photographs =D



brent cross yesterday. i never liked writing about my days…i only like posting pictures here are some i will make the pictures tell you story! enjoy

char got her ears pieced. us trying on WEIRD but funky clothes

ENDLESS chit chats in starbucks

pretty sunset. the swings we played with when we went to the park. look how happy char was!

a really fun roundabout train thing

our shoes. pretty girlies

my favorite pictures:

i caught sharon flying


fudge and shaz look like really happy kids. so cute!

the day ended with shaz doing this…


went to Imperial college’s medicine school’s open day. i must say… I
LOVED IT! its modern….pretty….JUST PERFECT! it was near the V&A
aswell so we hung out there for a bit also..!

sonia and i having chinese for lunch

us obviously having fun at V&A

free bag we got.comes with free pen too…how cool

now thats what you call picture over load… if your computer didnt crash…then lucky you…! if it did…get a new computer~

before i forget…..
is this not just the cutest picture like…ever?? it was from the lord of the ring scene thingy… a few weeks ago

hobbit et: common tim! we’ve got a ring to find

hobbit tim: i anit moving untill i learn to tie my shoe laces.

awww bless them

from that… i feel like doing a wei-fong style blog. to give an
account of what actually happened to me instead of typing everything
thats irrelevant.

i woke up today at 8:30 to go to japaense class… FUN (not)

yesterday was more worth talking about. church was fun… tpf was FUN.

as we all know. my group is the best group ever~ i must say i have
really learnt a lot more about jesus in just that one session. i dont
think i have really ever understood HOW humbling it is for jesus to
coming and live like us. i have always known but for the 1st time i
really felt it.

also for a few seconds during discussion while weifong was saying
something about how she cant imagine what eternity is like. i
suddenly felt like time stopped… dunno why and i just realised how
insignificant the things we do are… i might not make any sense…but
what i felt was…special?

and the meeting
i love the way elaine
organised everything and how she even has a folder for it!! thumbs up*
to you elaine!! i am sure we will sort something out and have a lot of

nah….cant do a weifong…. her blogs are way better!

i forgot to say how happy i am to have made a bag that i decided to
make at 12am …. i just felt like making a bag …so i did… even
though it was kind of.. late i love the sewing machine

lifes getting interesting…thats why i update like everyday now…

guess who i saw in brent cross today!!!!

ANT from…ant and dec…!!!
he SPOKE TO ME!!!!!!!! he said…..SORRY to me coz i was
in his way in starbucks!!!! our coats TOUCHED!!!! he nearly took my
friends coffeee by mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HE WAS centimeters away from me!!!!! HE LOOKED AT ME!!!!

i had a fabulous day I GOT A PAIR OF YELLOW SHOES FOR £3.30. i am slowly recovering from the shock of yesterday… HALF TERM SOON!!!!

i am veryveryveyr  happy atm!!! God has taught me  how to appriciate a GOOD day hes has given me a FAB day and i love him !!!!


this is not a sad moany blog !

i woke up extra late today… normally get out of the house at 8:05.
woke up at 7:58. i dressed myself in 2 seconds and ate in 5 seconds….
super speed =D

parents evening tonight……. my parents should be proud of me for
getting so many Cs… but they dont seem too happy about it… i have no
idea why~~

my cold is getting better…. and look what i got ….

i made myself a tissue flower (with clean tissue..) because i was lonely…

i am so not sad……..

valentines day 

a conversation between me and my friends

me       – valentines day coming soon
davina  – yeah

me       – i hate valentines days

sonia    – me too. its just a stupid way for companies to make money

me       – nah. i just hate it coz i dont have a boyfriend

finally…want to tell karen how much i appreciate her for always being
there for me and how much i love talking to her on the phone

fruitless branch

never have I been so discouraged…
a place i once loved, belonged…  is now the place i find myself most sad
in. the place where i meant to feel loved and happy… is gone…is just bitter
and hostile now. where people would actually physically push you away… 
or better still…just ignore you completely.  but then again, is probably
just me. i am the bitter and hostile one, these kind of things sort of follows me around everywhere i go, where ever i am.

a servant that doesn’t serve you, becasue she can hardly do anything…is that ok Lord?

a part of me is gone and i cant seem to find it… feels like i cant find the
happy me anymore. i know i SHOULD be happy… coz everyone else seems to be on
top of things~ and heres me. moaning . again and again.

the time when you feel most useless. worthless. sad. and just want a shoulder
to cry on. there seem to be none…

so i’ll just carry on living oh-so-la-di-da like. force a smile and enjoy being alone

might aswell…everyone else has done it =P

You’re a dynamic, charismatic person who’s possibly headed for fame.

You tend to charm strangers easily. And you usually can get what you want from them.

Verbally talented, you tend to persuade people with your speaking and writing.

You are affectionate and loving, but it’s hard for you to commit to any one relationship.

Your strength: Your charm

Your weakness: Your extreme manipulation tactics

Your power color: Indigo

Your power symbol: Four leaf clover

Your power month: December

charm??how about NO?………….. persuade people?…. sometimes….depends on who…

headed for fame……erh no….

i have no idea…..

blah…life’s not TOO good…. but… i’ll be fine….  i’m ill….
i blame fudgie… she coughed everywhere mouth uncovered on
sunday….  gosh i havnt been ill since the last time i was
ill~~~~~ im never ill…..argh…… <<so many dots…..!

but otherwise…im feel better….coz now i know i am not alone in problems i face. i have have the most supportive friends on earth! *point to YOU who ever is reading*

random sunset from top of st paul’s from last saturday~~~ just to brighten up the gloomy me…