its been a year already. this time last year. i was told that you are no longer here… i
couldnt believe it… you were gone. your smile. your warm hugs.
gone… i didnt even had the chance to get to know you. but the news of you hit me
hard… it was so unreal. no one can forget you. no one can forget such
a sweet girl like you.

pink. your favourite colour the colour of you blusher…

im still thinking of you dear


i am coughing my lungs out… can hardly talk. i am getting wheezy… it hurts when i cough… i feel sick...


i am addicted to dried fruits and nuts.




mine..ALL MINE…

enough? never…!

must go shopping……must go shopping….

hmmm im not well.. not well at all.

i still have college. untill the 7th of april. man…that really sucks.

also i invite you all to my tea party
(is just a pretend one…)

forget it…. im just gonna update coz i have nothing to do~~ maybe
i’ll give up xanga for lent next year… but thats next year. maybe.
but for NOW

dont you hate it when you say hi or smile at someone you dont know very
well and they dont smile back or say hi back? dont you hate it when you
try to keep in touch with someone and it seems like they just dont want
to know you? it is a horrible feeling when you are trying so hard and
it seems like the other person just doesnt want to borther

 i might as well wear a sign on my head saying

people these days!!
look what i just found
 jeez han, get over it will you, oOOO “i have no friends”

i rock

i didint google myself….

*please wear your best shoes on sunday. i shall be photographing everyones shoes! ART =) *

yesterday was rather hectic. 1st. had to wake up early for church once again. it was lovely to see SHARON!!  and everyone else of course…. good to hear many people are coming to camp after all!!!  english service was very good. wrote some stuff on it but i left it on the back of the chair….  clever… and i also wrote weifong a very lovely note..informing her that shes fat…

left church…without saying
goodbye…as usual….. and parents went to all those chinese
supermarkets. and i was locked in the car… all i had was my mp3 and a
camera. not to mention my discovery of the coolest pair of shades on
earth… you think fudgie’s wu yin sunglasses are cool? you havnt see
my dad’s 100years old hong kong police shades… oh yeah…..thats what
you call cool………


then we went to ikea to have lunch…..strange~

 100_5276 my really healthy, and not too sweet lunch….

then mini concert………………..
oh my days… i couldnt have played worse…  but then again..
whats new?! no pictures taken in that event… it is not an event i
would like to remember….

then went to elaines house and had some lovely dinner. oh so YUMMMMMM


i dont know what this pic is about…i really dont

it was a really lovely day until we
ate toffee banana…. ice cream was served…. just watching the tubs
and munching on my toffee banana… so i left feeling rather
depressed…and empty…
that sad feeling carried
through today aswell… and it will come back next sunday… i
know myself too well…  and this is the longest blog i have
written for some time.  

ps. daniel powter sings like a woman… i think him and james blunt are sisters…  

LOL this song!!! BACK IN THE DAYS!!!! sooo long ago….toooo long ago! still remember?

if karen’s media teacher doesnt like this one…. i’ll go into her school personally slap him! hmmp!

it took forever just to choose what font to use~~~! got an easter egg for it though! thank you dear

fudge adFINAL


went bowling with old school+college friends and a japanese exchange student. ooooh so very fun! i came 2nd!!

and i managed to drop a bowling ball backward as i was about to bowl….
it was fun anyhow!

100_5091 100_5090 100_5110

colourful balls.  
               roll down the lane.     funky pic
when lights out.

100_5099 100_5105

me & angie.       
      me & jap exchange- asami


                GROUP PIC =]


i am really really hungry…..
hungry as in i really really want to eat something
like when im really really hungry….

nothing else better to do…
might as well change xanga layout~

loving the feedback of my layout… a conclusion:

pretty pinky patterny cosy paisley old lady’s wallpaper

NICE… lol

a habit i have developed



…photographing the radiator before i go to bed and wonder whats behind it…

this is kinda of freaky…

old photos i found




we have identical parents…is kinda freaky

… i know me and fudgie dont really look alike…but we were both wearing pink! and we both share identical stuffs…..