well… joes not ashamed of himself… so dont see why i should be………

hello kitty dress… the days when my mum dressed me….

thank God she doesnt any more


the sad thing is…

i still look the same…..

random blog…

hmmm.. sudden rush of sadness..



in process… these 2 weeks is my real AS art exam…started today. and
my art piece got stuck together.. i think my teacher go it out for
me…but not too sure. otherwise is all good

something interesting happened today. freaky but ….interesting

so i was walking to the bus stop after
college. was pretty much on my own. there was a random person walking
behind me… but he was about 5 meters away. i walked and was looking at my own reflection
on a full length shop window… (self obsess or what?!)

looked at my reflect for like half a second. and i thought i saw a
reflection of someone/thing...
but then…. there was no one around… the random dude was way too far
behind to be near me… then i looked at the window again and ….saw


like this…..

i was
SOOO FREAKED out!!! turned out it was my friend…. *phew* he
apparently had been walking behind me for a while… but anywho i was
SOO FREAKED out… didnt know he was there AT ALL…..

but this reminds me or a little
something… when we think we are on or own… doing whatever. we often
fail to see jesus there with us. right by our sides… literally. we
are too busy  doing what ever. ie looking at your own
reflection…. is nice to walk with somebody even though no one seems
to be around. i had somebody there to run for the bus with me…or
rather run for the bus for me…. someone to talk to on boring bus

if you have no idea what i am on
about…. well just know this. jesus is with us. smiling, walking with
us, wanting to talk to us.

look how much fun i had with bubbles the other day:




friends are so good to have

really. a gift from God

a glimpse of heaven

makes me smile

i need your love to keep me going

i need your love to keep me growing

be a friend that i can trust

be a friend that i can love

will you promise to be my good friend no matter what?

because i want to be yours


oh the

when you have jesus to love you that much
you just cant help but love those around you

100_6719e 100_6718

to me. this is the most beautiful flower

as beautiful as you are

want to make this clear… i dont have a bf…. i said something about
watching the sunrise with my bf. and it seems to have lead people thinking werid things… i ment when i DO get one…not i have
one…. +.+]


The Call Easter Camp 2006

wow… just WOW! i think i am going to type things i have learnt on the
1st paragraph before i forget. might be a bit boring…
so if you want
skip to the next part… here we go:

before camp i had some expectations. restore my many broken
to clear some stuff up with God, to have that Godly
feeling again etc.
a list of things i wanted God to make better. but it
turned out that God had some other list of things He wanted to teach
me. the main thing i have learnt is the need to be selfless.
i am
veryvery self centred and the to-do-list i gave God was all about ME,
how to make myself feel better.how to fit in with people better etc.
but what paul said really hit me. if you focus on others,
you will draw
people to yourself so that they can be draw to christ. that is my
prayer for everyone.
i guess God answered my prayer of a problem i was
facing before camp which i just couldnt figure out for myself.

another thing i learnt was to love Him from the INSIDE OUT.
 not outside
in like i have been before. not loving Him by first doing a lot of
things to please others but by first loving Him from the heart.

back to the ‘list for God’ thing. i regret not being able to spend time
with my old friends,
i was upset things werent how they were before.
and then on the last night. we had that circle.
and it was then i
realised that i gained more than i have lost. still sad about some
stuff but i realised there are so much more out there. so much more
friends to be made, so much more people to talk to.
special mention to
elim for sharing what she shared which helped me a lot. and also fudgie
for speaking out and forming a circle 🙂 and also the after-camp chat.
which helped me more than you realise.
was so sad that camp ended and i
didnt want to just go home and unpack. so happy that we went to have
EARLY dinner, jon and fudge bombers greens….

 i could go on forever because i learnt SOOO much..but i wont..

really happy to be in the BEST group. PEARL *39
points…what more can i say?* cheerleading in the rain paid off
karen!! i love you guys!! i loved group time. i loved our sketch!!! all
the laughters and DANCING shall be remembered for many years to come.
*gerald….* shout out to karen for sharing a room with me and being with me the whole time!! would be so lost without you!!!!


pearls-  i love my group!

we all need a bit a sharon

a blury pictur of wien talking…

the beautiful sharon and fudgie…and mike wong!

on the hill- dancing like no one is watching!

it was a shame couldnt go see a sunRISE with louisa..
but i have decided to see my 1st sunrise with my bf
meanwhile…i’m just gonna watch the sunset


us girls


moments before group picture


you jump, i jump

elaine lost her ear

there are too much to be said… to many pictures to be shared…. uploaded pictures on to kodak


dont know if the link works… but i will send them out properly
soon… it was hard to cut down the photos and only uploaded 120…out
of…more than 300…




ah_ sudden urge to go somewhere exciting and take lots of photos

i really want to go out and take some pictures

so far_ 2006. i have taken 1332+  pictures

i went and did some duck  Canadian geese chase… and shopping it made my day





i sort of RAN when i remembered about bird flu…………………….

just want to say…

costume= finally finished…
and i am going to look so ridiculous….

gosh another update?! when will i shut up?!


(elaine style again….. you badbad influence!)

i am becoming more and more obvious. is like people can read me just like that!!
how can i de-obvious myself?!

i have seriously been bloging loadssssss lately…  hmm how sad

i cry everytime when something is being played at tpf… videos, songs…
it was I who nailed Jesus to the cross. i asked…why did people want Him to die? why am i still nailing Him then…??


after 2 weeks of trying to figure out how to use microsoft word…. finally it is done….

some stuff didnt turn out after being photocopied…but oh well… IS DONE

although i am sure i did about a billion pages….it turned out to be some what very slim…
it was fun anyhow and is DONE!!! yepppy

hahah found this on some cool person’s xanga…forgot who (sorry who ever you are..)..but is cool


(hahaah baby…so elaine like )

We must go

Live to feed the hungry

Stand beside the broken

We must go

Stepping forward

Keep us from just singing

Move us into action, we must go

loving that song at the moment.

wow….this is such a elainey blog. i guess that just makes me COOL


 i wish….

i liked
you better when you were nice to me….i want to like you as much
again… thought we could be good friends… guess i am wrong? are you
like….trying to steal my friends from me?? coz thats like REALLY
sad…. gosh i dont know what you are trying to do to me… but i DONT
LIKE IT OK? we are clashing…. and you are not the 1st one. i wish
things can go back to how they were like before..  HAI… guess i
just dont make a very good friend…

(before anyone comes to any conclusion…. this is NOT about a boy……. geez)~~~

WOW! what a beautiful day! havnt seen the sun shine like that for sometime! really brightens my mood


have decided to take my camera out today seeing it was so sunny and
nice. so i guess i am just going to load this up with photos to show
you my day.

fun bus journey and cherry blossom. they are really pretty


reception class getting REALLY messy

my little easter bunnies. how cute are they?!!!



this one is the cutest japanese poser- Riku

journey home…


ok thats a lot of pics….
but overall. really nice day!

also the fact that i only haad 1hr30min lesson makes me EXTRA happy

oh yes…you people RULE…

Tell me once again why would you lie to me.........