another purpose driven life devotion email i thought….. but instead
of ignoring it as i ALWAYS do. i clicked on in and read it. i STRONGLY
advise you to take a moment and read it too.   


In his book The Purpose Driven Life,
Rick Warren makes a very radical statement:
“If I have no love for
others, no desire to serve others, I should question whether Christ is
really in my life.”
This bold assertion comes from something John said
in his first letter:

“If we love our Christian brothers and sisters, it
proves that we have passed from death to eternal life. But a person who
has no love is still dead.” (1 John 3:14)

Can you look at your life over the last few days and
see evidence of the fact that you have cared about someone other than
Can you point to some examples of how you have served a
brother or a sister in some way?
If you can, take heart.If you can’t, it
might be a good time for some soul searching.

I have tried this little test on myself, and I must
admit I don’t always do very well. Even though I spend a good deal of
time serving others through my gifts of speaking and writing while I am
on the road, you could also say that this is my work. This is what I’m
expected to do. I do this for a living. I am “on” for these moments of
ministry.But I can get very selfish with my “off” time.I isolate myself
in a hotel room or an airplane seat.I make myself unavailable to the
needs around me.I might not even call home, because that would only
remind me of those there who need my attention.

Sometimes, I think we need to step in and serve even
if we don’t feel like it. Once we do, Christ energizes us and gives us
not only the strength to do this, but the desire to do it again.
Ask God
to open your eyes to those around you and show you ways in which you
can serve them in love.That’s being obedient to what he asks and
finding his power to do it all at the same time.

How about this?I’ll pray for you right now and you
pray for me that God will awaken us with hearts to serve, the wisdom to
see the need, and the power to follow through.


i thank you for all those
who has shown me kindness and love these past week or so. it has given
me the courage to love the people around me
colleges back in tomorrow…. i pray that i can take what i’ve learnt during this summer and put them into practice.

after searching through 100 of songs. i finally found the song i
sang all day yet no know who it was by. sooo happy to find it!  


super market trips are always fun. i picked out various type of junk to
eat on my way back home. mum picked out tinned octopus… i thought it
would be great to have octopus in the car. when i opened the tin…..
*point at picture* THAT was what i saw… it smelt really bad…. i am
sure poo tastes pretty much like that thing….. makes me wanna vomit!
not the only thing that made me wanna vomit today *lol fudge*

if there
was more time. i am sure something beautiful would have happened…. oh
well….just push forward and wait…. 

100_1124 [FREAKY FLIES] since this morning.
after mum cooked some chinese mushrooms… flies began flooding into
the house. i opened a small crack of window in my room and a few came
in. went downstairs to the kitchen hoping to get some lunch….
i opened the kitchen door…BUZZZZZ~~* there were about 30 of
them flying like they just dont care…. so the whole day have been
screaming. whacking flies. sticking them on that sticky board stuff
*point to my glorious picture* and spraying fly killer stuff thats
really kill me…im totally grossed out..

it nice when you are always
the rejected one? the one left on the side, the one left outside in the
cold? the one that nobody prefers. the one without a personality. the
one whos always last to know things. and theres no one to blame but
yet jesus is willing to sit with you on the side. he
is willing to care. even if he is the ONLY ONE

back to square one. again and again….

shout out to karen and fudgie!!
 thank you for picking me back up when i
fell to pieces.
thank you for showing me that love once more.

you are a  * >> 

during my quiet time i randomly flicked through ourthe daily bread and came across this. God speaks. i listen =)


. PHOTOSHOOT . bundles of random fun

100_0793   100_0795   100_0776

stairs are fun
100_0762   100_0764   100_0767

black and white family portraits

100_0696   100_0704   100_0702

dressing up

100_0720   100_0725   100_0745

after makeup application and make removal

100_0748   100_0739   100_0736

fughan- messy hair look

*mess up hair* OH YEAH~


100_0452e  went to take UKCAT test… so little time to do so much…
 my brain hurts!! not done maths in a year and they made me do maths……
well watch me fail that test *like i fail most tests* what a way to spend £60 …… =(

also went to the doctors…

(been doing that a lot lately….but never anything really wrong with me i am glad to say)

 found out the reason for my blocked ears. some gland swelling suppressing some tube to the ear blahblah.

 time will heal she said…… ~~~ 


short update. at elaines at the mo

kts…. WOW! no pics to show at the moment. will kodak them when i get home and the net starts to work. camera broke. makes me wanna die…..meenys rock. yellow ducks rock! too much to say so i wont say it….

today went shopping for SS…. lol sick of them guys already!! we cant build tents to save our lives….

BLAH i have no pictures….it sucks…no point updating….. see you all after ss… hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehe

look how excited i m~~~

missing everyone so much ❤

o wait. before i go… just to show some love to the person i will be with for the whole of next week :