Teach me your ways, oh Lord
and I will walk in your truth
Show me your paths, oh Lord
for I am devoted to you

Purify my heart’s desire
I long to be your servant
Give me an undivided heart
that I may fear your name
Give me an undivided heart
No other gods, no other love

No other gods before you th_13


current fashion obsessions

t-shirts . black cardigans . pearls

– want
i london t-shirt .

21 thoughts on “

  1. that is my prayer too. =] i love you so much hana banana and i’m so glad that we can relate on so many different levels! from vainness to Godliness….it’s awesome.


  2. lool!well ive never been to london befo so thats y i wanna go there =D ! an shoppin in germany is as expensive as well!! i would like to go this autumn but dono if my mom will allow it cos im a bit too young to go there alone ~~


  3. thank you so much for all your encouragement hana banana! and AMEN to that! we must praise God in our happiness along with our sadness….that’s such a good reminder!
    gosh i miss you……
    p.s. black cardigans and pearls are definitely two of my favorite clothing items. well picked!! and yes…we are VAIN! HAHAHAHA!


  4. oh dear…my vain sister hana banana. how i miss you so! there are times i look into the mirror and think…wow, my nose is just not hana like. then my kuchi says, i miss hana very, very much. =[ it’s just not the same without you…….


  5. hehe i know i know!!!i was sitting in the study room today.. (because i didnt have a lesson) UAHAHAand then yeah. got so bored i started taking pictures! =D hehe fun fun fun!and the books just HAPPENED to be behind me =D hehelove you, friend no.1 =D


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