been watching a lot of Devil Beside You. addictive…..all mui’s
fault… i must say. my mandarine is getting pretty good now. someone
called and spoke mandarine asking for my mum and i replied back in full
mandarine… i even put on a taiwanese accent… wooohoo… [that guy…is…kind of cute….. main reason i keep watching it…]


today was horrible. massive bus crash right outside our college. some
people were injured. and one of the bus driver died….
just…..horrible.. =(
**found out from the news the bus driver DIDNT die!!! thank God!!!!!**

to make myself feel better i made a new layout…. 






in order to be filled i must first be broken, not proud.

and allow Him to fix me.

[make friends. stay friends]

£60 to do UKCAT… and end up with crappy results?! great….
it is goodbye medicine and hello living off benefits…. argh….

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  1. and oh…. cos i wanted to be first i didnt read ur blog properly.. but now  i have.. i hope all the people are fine…..
    sometimes  u just dont get why these things happen.. but  i guess its a cycle huh.. ^^
    all u can think is.. BABIES ARE BEING BORN IN MANY HOSPITALS>>>>MILLIONS AND BILLIONS…tht mean.. CAZILLIONS of nappies!!! o.o


  2. lol it aint my fault….i had tht on my xanga for years…n u watch it now…u ddnt u watch it during summer….and no tht guy dnt look cute wiv rainie..I DO !!!! =Pneway…i hope the others on the bus r alrite…take care


  3. awww… i like your new layout..!! cute animal background!hehe!!
    i love Devil Beside You tooooo..!! ahh.. i got addicted to taiwanese tv when i was watching it..theres this other one called…Kiss? cant remember the name..but its good too..! but nothing can beat devil beside you…wahahahaha..!
    dont be upset about anything…just Leave it to God.. He would heal all the wounds..He would look after the people in His kingdom… He would do it all…=)
    cheer up…=)


  4. living off benefits isnt necessarily a bad thing…?!….at least theres something there to help you. yehh* i heard there was a bus crash outside woodhouse…=S that two buses crashed into each other or something. how did u do the ….C,O,L letters of colour of love?..infact, how di du do the whole bit of ‘colour of love?’. wher did u get the font? very nice~


  5. i went to post office to get tht form for bus pass…they sed u hav to go to staions so i went ..then they sed skl…then skl sed post office….n went on n on…im so ?@#$% LOL….neway….u kno where i can get it? >.<


  6. hi5 gal with living off benifits!!haha and funky layout! but  like elaine said, prefer the old one=P
    sweeti hope that God will just lift you up so high in His hands that you feel like your flying! praying for you always xx


  7. like the break me…etc etc thing! very poetic
    like the make friends.stay friends thingy too!
    Don’t beat yourself up too much about it, you’ve handed your application in now so theres nothing you can do about it……therefore, my theory is….if i can’t change it, then i won’t think about, its already enough that God is thinking about it for me, i don’t think he needs me to worry about it too!!


  8. yay! hana banana…i love how we can relate on so many different levels. i miss you so much and everytime i see a strawberry for some reason, i think of you. indeeed…i’m drinking strawberry gatorade..good stuff! it taste like jello. yum…..and yes, i am thinking of you right now. i miss you my lovely vain sis!! keep livin and loving our Lord for He is GOOD!!! xxx kuchi muchi


  9. *AyUuu^^!~how yooH doing*me in yr 11.. haha* =.=*probabli stay on gwa 5too 6form depends wt grades i get>_<grr!haha=]* aii me pretti bored at d moment* jst online. and watchingseries!?lei ler!?<33*


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