cardboard cut this time….. all due to the excitment of receiving a chemistry text book through the post…..

i should take more care of myself…. oh well~

and i wonder why i want to be a papergirl….?!

ps. it hurts….. ALOT




still got loads to do…. =(
dyed my hair again.




i might be a newspaper distributor soon! in another word…. PAPER GIRL

i have ALWAYS wanted to be one! ALWAYS

1st time having a phone that allows me to take pictures and load on to computer….
yah…im a few years behind with the gadgets… phone cam quality…very =S

 IMG013 IMG016 IMG014

spontaneous meet up with
fudgie at camden. was a bit high today. going around speaking loudly in
chinese. looking at hk things. buying tshirts 2 for £8 with poo on it
or overly large sizes.

we had McD and got this stupid pucca invisible ink pen
we are ‘too cool for school’…..

it was a rainy day today…. if you didnt know already

after canden i went to the school of pharmacy to ‘check it out’
pretty boring stuff. but they gave me free coke and kitkat so im happy

FINALLY got the bracelet!! very happy! cheers joe 🙂

i got a paper cut from the uni pack….. erk~~

i think i like photography with diggy cam more…..


went to watch the grudge 2 today. for lunch. shared this yummy laksa thing with anika. (how cheap are we?? lol)
was anything but scary…. it was just…FUNNY…. blue people with
blonde hair…. and pearl necklace… HAHAHA. duncan kept screaming….
and curling up into a ball…. it really wasnt that scary….

THE GRUDGE 3– coming to a cinema NEAR YOU

the grudge 3 is all about these 2 lost souls…..

one wears pink….

they both fight for the hot lost soul next door. who wins…?
wait and see. a.a.a…a…aaa…a…a..a.a.aa

reactions from audience: some are scared

some just dont give a damn

after the film. fudgie randomly forced me to go neal street with her lol
shoes. shoes. shoes. boots. boots. boots… woohooo

then back  home and not long after jon and tim arrived.
 we enjoyed a good show of F1 races
we had fun turning a baby over and over and over again… mwahahahhaah
not to mention sing k. sound of music. IT ROCKS

good day. long but good day

So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehn, good night

is never me is it? i’m always going to be the one trampled on…..



Q: how many different ways can i spell my name/anything that sounds like my name?
A: 18

      1. hana
      2. hanna
      3. hanah
      4. harnah
      5. harna
      6. henah
      7. handna
      8. hanaha
      9. hunnah
      10. huna
      11. honnah
      12. hona
      13. honah
      14. hornah
      15. horna
      16. anna
      17. annah
      18. ana

…exciting stuff….

when i grow up.

maybe i will become a rock climber.

or spiderwoman

havent made up my mind yet….

such a good book. so much medical stuff yet SO amazing

one word to sum up how i felt today (well yesterday…) : HURT

here i turn….hurt, there i look….hurt… is like they are all trying to hurt me….

everywhere and i feel the pain….

must study hard….. and get a well paid job or a rich husband. and when i do.
i’ll buy myself the tiffany big silver ball bracelet =)


what a goal for life…

dad got back from hong kong. and he got me this. purin dog egg pudding thing…. yummm


when he gave it to me i was
like….where have i seen this before?!  then later found out that
i’ve seen it on mandy’s xanga before!

they are fun to play with too

you know.. sometimes i think im cool…..

other times i just KNOW that im cool…. evidently…


im back.
missed me?
no….thats ok

**thanks for those who prayed for my grandma. shes still here. praise
God! although there are still complications and no grantee for
anything, it’s in God’s hand. thank you for all the support!**


as promised. here are pictures of my biology trip

pretty nice day when we arrived….but dont let that fool you…..

living by the cliff. wales can be beautiful without the rain….

me india and sonia. a bit hyper on the 1st day hanging on the cliff

the 1st investigation we had to do was go to some salt marsh. we had to
cross this smelly wet black mud… my little friend got stuck…. and
had to be dug out…. LOL

we climbed outside our room into the cliff side.
india nearly walked down the cliff……

the follow day we went to the rocky shore to do some other stuff….
and we found this beautiful snakelocks anemone. pretty cool stuff

then the next day it was sunny and nice =O for a bit…..
got my waterproof gear on (they stank) guess what we did?

CRAB FISHING! or…crabbing….

our crabs (and no et…we didnt eat them)

then some days later…we must have done something but i forgot..
we went out for the last time to count some grass in meadows… coz i
got ill and was really dizzy. all i did was sit in the rain…. and
took pics….. =)

last day. ROOMIES. so many jokes…. and yes weifong i shared with india. she slept next to me. and joe i shared with priya!!

waiting for the coach.

happy coachers. 6 and a half hours..wasnt that fun

i always thought wales had a lot of sheep……well they do…but i
saw more cows than sheep…. we even got trapped by cows…. and NO
ewic… we did not go cow tipping….. cows are SCARY. MOOOOOOO

(long blog i know. nearly done…..just hang on)

it was fun…. wet muddy cold but fun. made many new friends and had so
many jokes. one night after dinner i laughed so much i had a super
stomach cramp. but it was worth it. apart from having to work ever day
like crazy. it was FUNFUNFUN! wooohooo LOVE WALES… lol

ooo also found someone with
exact same music taste as me and she watches ket japs like devil beside
you and shes not even chinese!! SO COOL. oooo yah i finished devil beside you… so good!

i spend way too long on xanga…must cut down…….

i know i said i  wont blog before i go….but this is urgent..

i got told my grandma in hk was rushed to hospital. she had some major heart operation not long ago
and mum said the doctors said she might not make it..
shes a christian. so i know if she does go i’ll see her again… but still…

parents might fly back to hk tomorrow if anything does happen…
and i will still have to go to wales….

so please everyone…..prayer  needed… i know that God has His plans….
but i dunno what else there is to do but pray…….

sorry to leave on a sad note..but im just so scared…
just not a good time for a biology trip……….



get ready for a jam packed blog

this will be the
last blog before i get gobbled up by sheep and mud in wales…. rock
on…. i’ll be back shortly with more picture if i make it alive out of
there…. (cant you see. im excited…~) BAAAH

it has been raining alot recently…saw a rainbow
yesterday! so beautiful.[I LOVE RAINBOWS]and they say theres no God~~
this is His promise painted on the sky

mum went out and came home with THIS

to reward me for working hard the whole of saturday =] assorted flavors!
*note to self….never try sharing jelly beans during english service. noise produced by beans= TOO high*


after church went to meet up with sonia and sharmin for a very useful
BMAT talk.
there was the 3 our us and 1 other japanese girl… the lady
spoke to an audience of…4!

starbucks chats before we went

my lunch! they mixed up the label of the onigiris (rice ball things) so i got a plumb one instead of a seaweed one.
went back and i got a FREE seaweed one! ate half the plumb one but it was yucky

rainy day. i like rainy days the floor is pretty

bumped into king and his brother. they just came out of nowhere lol.
my friend said. “i knew he knows you. he was giving you werid looks….”

got I ❤ LONDON tee! *lol fudge*
size 9-10 years old and STILL a bit too big….

still the day has not come to an end.

after ALL that. i went to mum’s friends house for dinner.
it was catrina’s 6th birthday. tiramisu…YUM~

they had a big house and they have fish. YUM

photo of catrina right after she blew her candles

[ok last picture i promise] her baby brother wanted to try blowing candles
so he did… awww hes so cute

ok that was long….sorry….

BYE ” 

ps… CHEM TEST before i go. chem test after i come back. FUNFUNFUNFUN