i love you

you love me
i need the loo
to do a pee
you gave me a flower
pink and pretty
now i need a shower
after being in the city
our faces are the same
because we are twins
we dont share the same name
but we made a home in a bin

you remember this? hehe i told you i
would put it up once the time has past! and it has (i dont think
they’ll know we stole the idea from them now :P) my twin, i wish you a
happy birthday. this blog is a bit late coz i only just got back
home…! anyways. thankyou for looking like me and still manage to be
beautiful! you are a super sister/twin.

ps. we had so much fun doing this poem remember? hehehehehe

the last bit of fun i was allowed to have

the last time i felt happy

the last place i felt wanted….

~no matter how much i dont want to i have to pack it in….
and go back into pretending


100_3895rs 100_3897rs

train journey to india’s party.
seb and sonia. they are REALLY that height. the real height difference

IMG027 IMG029    

amelia with her red lips kissing everyone


weifong and i in mask


mask mask mask


more masks


chinese masks

me and adrianne…………………………….i like party poppers
100_3939rs 100_3948rs

birthday girl


i like her lights
100_3968rs 100_3928rs

cake time

wei and i…………………………………india and i before i left at 9.30…. ¬.¬
100_3992rs 100_3994rs

deep down. i thank you
for bringing me back out
for not giving up on me
for not giving up on me

pharmacy interview! but i dont know what that will be like….

i’ve only prepared for medicine interviews…..




you may have seen this picture here and there. have
heard about this now and then. (the main girl is very pretty, the main guy
becomes VERY cute towards the end. the doctor is ALWAYS very cute)

i started watching this japanese drama coz i stumbled upon it from some random
xanga so i thought i’ll give it a try and maybe practice my Japanese. its a
story about a young girl developing a disease (spinocerebellar ataxia) at the
age of 15. all based on a true story.  i wont go on about the story

i have never cried so much watching something….. yah its a sad drama, but it
is more than that. it speaks the truth. the obvious truth that we always seem
to forget. it is simply good to live. you may hear that alot… but by watching
someone act this statement out, you begin to understand. is hard to control the tears when you watch it
and relate it  to yourself. how we always take everything for granted, how we
dont treasure family love….

that girl kept on going….. really puts me to shame. every time something difficult
comes up, i hide from it,. avoid it and hope that it’ll go away. i tell myself time
will pass and so will the problem. i may not die tomorrow, i may not die
anytime soon… but this MAY is not certain.. what if time wont come? how will it pass??

life has been getting pretty ugly. and i guess this has shown me the truth
beautiful on life.

with every tear i cried i find myself loving life more.



Maybe so~

but the feeling is strong
and REAL


not long now till everyone gets interviews from their unis

not long now till everyone gets offers from the unis of their choice

not long now till everyone gets good grades for their exams

not long now till everyone gets a place in their unis

not long now till everyone gets to study what they want to study

not long now till everyone gets their dream jobs

not long now till everyone gets married


and me?

not long now till im left behind

it hurts to think about it

it hurts everytime…

the ‘magic stars’ *


the sor jais

sjc rs

the happy box

the car


the motion

the scary church

the petrol station


getting lost



a cool summer night. on the beach, bonfire

with someone who loves you as much as you love them

acoustic guitar singing songs till the sun comes out

wouldnt that be lovely

was planning to do this. but only just got home… and loads of people have done it already…. ¬.¬

so i’ll just have to make mine extra special

elaine bday pic1

elaine bday pic2

headaches        check
boneaches        check
chesty coughs   check
runny nose       check        
sore throat       check


FLU/COLD development in progress………

~ a proper update…coming soon….when my life gets a bit more exciting~