dar been low at karens house with fudgie.

RAVE IT CLUB IT!! yeahhhh! lazy pushover cheesy depressed all come and RAVE!


25th X’MAS…

went over to fudgie’s house and became a chau for the day.

perplex city. SMALL MEN IN A BOAT…prime numbers

pictionary. PILLAR…TIME BOMB

xmas photos with thier little cousins

bathroom moments

self-timer moment

random church xmas celebration. cold food…

fighting to be in group 6. so pointless…..!

me and
  me karen anika

aymi daiC anika me- blury…

jAnathan- mr photographer with killer flash

love this photo =)


me and daiC from below

lets all wear white

 did you all have a nice christmas?


  100_4593 100_4601 100_4628rs 100_4526e

i found him! he spent the last year of his life underneath my bed…. i love that bear…

it only cost $29. i remember once he had a dead dried up spider on his face…..

i was a bit put off. but after a few wash and a few years… i love it once again.

right ~
im bunking off wednesday…
only one hour of lesson and we are going to have a ‘party’…..

*coming soon. watch this space =D

i know you shouldnt  expect things in return in a friendship.

but its hard to be the one to put in all the effort.

and get nothing back….

its almost like your attempts to care is taking up to much of their time…

i see how it is so frustrating now...
maybe im just being selfish?
but the voice inside telling me to give up is getting LOUDER
when i do try to care…
 i dont know how people always end up trying to see whats going on with me
i understnad people might not want to open up to me.
but there seem to be no room or need for my care….?
i get sick of talking about myself all the time
give me a chance to see how you are?
answer me when i ask you how you are.
coz i DO care
LET me ok?


you might understand this, you might not…

you might read it, you might not…

doesnt matter much…

i dont know whether it was the right thing to do. but i felt i had
to give up. i felt that i could no longer carry on…it has lost all of
its fun-ness. it was no longer a hobby. more like a burden. i might
regret this in the future. but right now i can really do
without it. when i gave up once before when i was little. i did regret it…
but now i am just doing the same thing again. giving up…..

i remember when i 1st picked it up i told myself i wont give up… i
told myself i’ll make my parents proud… but i guess i have just ended
up in the place i always end up in. i seem to fail at most things i
do… its stupid coz it was ME who wanted to start it in the first
place… but when i found that i was no good at it… i didnt want
to practice… i didnt want to work for it… now i find it too hard to

im sorry i didnt mean to disappoint…

i know you are disappointed but i cant do it
. i just cant…

im sorry for wasting your time and your money….

it feels like breaking up with a long term boyfriend….

today just had to be THE DAY doesnt it? the day i expected something
good to happen…ironically something else happen instead which is bad… EVEN MORE
DISSAPOINTMENT i bring…. i knew i wasnt going to get it…but when
you see the exact words…being told directly… it hurts….

i feel like such a failure…. cant i do anything right?? seems like i cant…
cant all the bad news just come at the same time instead of dragging on
and on? so i can just have one cry instead of 10000 cries

when i 1st sang the song ‘though i walk through the valley i wont be
afraid, for jesus you are with me holding me close’ i cried. not because
i was going through a valley at that time but i knew a valley was
coming… and it did come… it wasnt just ONE valley… it was mountain
after valley after mountain after valley etc….. it doesnt seem to have a stop to it…
i can see this is going to last for a while… going up and down up and
down. and i am so sick of it. it sucks real bad.

i have no idea where i am heading. i have no idea when this pain will stop.
but i know i will understand it when it is over and when i look back i’ll know why it happened

You are the only hope i have to cling on to.
 You are my only strength.

im so broken….
 all i can do is cry out to You….

this is my bean plantation. in a plastic cup. i planted it a few weeks
ago coz i felt lonely. now everyday i watch them grow and grow. im very proud
water. sunlight. TLC needed

from this:

to this:
but now they are so tall they tend to wobble about the place

mum just told me our plans for christmas this year. is all very exciting stuff

24th- we do nothing
25th- we stay at home and do nothing
the rest of the holiday- we do nothing

o joy. im so damn excited…

 can someone adopt me for christmas??


and it went well ^^ hope they take me….

spoke to random people there, made a friend with a chinese dude lol

im so happy now !! thanks for all your prayers!

adrianne’s 18th ^^ went to town to shop and go party

i dont think this was taken on saturday..RAIN all the time


christmas lights. oxford street



light bulb lights!


food food chinese food


at karaoke- amelia and emma. angie at the back enjoying her drink…


nat. me. sonia. india


me and birthday girl


a bunch of us


a bunch of the rest of them


cake! i like this photo~


group picture of the woodhouse lot. all girls  + seb…hes almost a girl anyway…


that was fun 🙂 but was a shame i miss the JEW party….. >.<

weifong. the fat girl who sat on your present is the one behind me on
the last picture.
shes on the lefthand side of me (by left i mean YOUR
left…the LEFT you are looking at right now)