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a year of changes. fun. love. sadness. new things. hardship. fellowship. friendships

the year i GREW UP


went over to india’s house to make chocolate brownies! yummmmm.


30th- DAY OUT

went out with fudge wic and ellis. aw the FUNFUNFUN! ikkyusan for lunch. went to like….loads of places…

didnt buy anything apart from ewic…whos rich… troc. the mad colour
game AGAIN! we won loads…. thanks to the colour WHITE. got some
animal keyrings and bouncy balls! then we got our FREE chinese drinks
and GREEN TEA BISCITE! we love them loads. oh yes and fudgie kept spotting people that we know/not-really-know =P

then to u.adrians house…chats…photos…bounced the balls…..food. IT WAS NICE


31st- SUNDAY

didnt go service….just couldnt… so went to cafe to watch char and shaz eat instead ^^

baptism service. so happy for them all! sat there on the steps… so little room for movement
jason leehom died… and i met terry ❤ all thanks to jon…….¬.¬



what can i say? it was fantastic to have a time of fellowship, sharing, worship, prayer and yet FUN.

weifong we missed you deeply! we even gave a time to just think about you… HAHAHAHA

so blessed to have you guys. a super good start to 2007! LOVE YOU ALL ❤ 




i find it funny how the theme of this photo was to balance the pillow on our heads and somwhow we all held on to it instead. only ewic did what we were meant to do…lol and i love the fact that jon is well…. in the photo but NOT at the same time…




34 thoughts on “

  1. i am in most of your calendar – because i am cool. nice photos~~. today i do revision…and chill..but chill more then revise. sigh*. i dont think i will ever revise more then chill. xx


  2. loving it…just loving it!!it was such a geat day hanging out with you ande veryone else!!!love you TT loads!!hahaha like elaine says, your gonna be stuck with me for a LONG time XD


  3. wahhhhh ur calender is amazing lol. u actualli have quite a big blog for the 1st…i dnt think ive done NEFING today…its jst trying to recover from yday…><”
    hehe ur lucky u cnt hear the song lar…its nt tht gd neways =( its mainly chorus and some girl going “let me hold u” hahaha


  4. LOL me?! no man…i think wen duncan drank his first one was funny…and mike omdz..he HAS to the funniest…tht chor dye dee video wen he jumped out…hahaha the noise made it so much funnier….and dnt forget jon, hu was the most tipsy LOL he was proper jkessssss


  5. LOL…nah im nt a gd video maker…it was windows movie maker init, i did the most simplest things.. ><”
    hahaha i actualli had lots of videos…bt i dint include most of them, bcos i never held the camera straight..theres one video where its facing my bum and all u hear is me and meng laffing our heads off…non stop…i dno how tht recorded =S


  6. happy new year =D
    oOoOoo i see you baked some brownies =O i bet they were all tasty,init =]
    anyway my xmas was good =] urs?how was ur new year eve too?did anything fun =P i spent it with my bf =] the most special year for me as its my 1st time that i got to spend with my bf =];; neva spent any xmas eve or new year eve with any of my exs before =]


  7. i didn’t kill Jason!!! that kid did!!! you shouldn’t have left him on the floor man..that was kinda asking for it lol! Terry is nice…doesn’t come with as much stuff though…lol hai….poor jason. never saw that kids foot coming….
    I really don’t know how i became such a blur…i swear i didn’t move….why am i a blurrrrrrr!!!! grrrr!!! hai!! dammit!I couldn’t keep the pillow on my head…my head just wasn’t flat…lol!! good times, blonde times…who has the mega picture with the fingers in the camera screen and stuff?
    ttyl new friend =D haha!


  8. XD SNAPPP!! i paint my nails wen i revise too!! hahahahaa!! now ive got 4 fingers glittered and the rest just this purplelish transparent colour…XD hahahaaa! HAPPY NEW YEARR! and good luck for any exmas that may come your wayy! XD


  9. mmhmmm, just about lol. Man…any smell which is close to alcohol makes me feel sick lol :S It was actually more fun wen we were at church and stuff lol. Need to do more stuff like that more often XD


  10. hahaha im not beautiful when i wake up =P =Pin fact, im not beautiful when i …- go to sleep- eat- drink- go to toilet xDD- go to school- am at school etc etc =Phoweverrrrrr you my dear old aging thing are becoming more and more beautiful =Dbtw por. i got another cartelidge today xDDwonder if my parents will notice now =PhahahaXXXXXXXXX


  11. char?!!!!! got ANOTHER cartiledge done?!! hahaha* im deciding how many shud i pierce & which ears,,before i do neting. and CHAR..WE ARE TAKING ME AND HAN TO BURNT OAK, OK??

    saw u comment char sayin getin 2nd lobe done? cooolll! tel me how it goes!


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