i am SO bored………

dont get why people pay to get a hole in their body just so that they
can hang a piece of jewelery on… but anyhow, its fun. so i did just
that today.

it can become addictive…. (in char’s case…. very addictive XD) i think i like the PAIN….. ? 


OH YES and i’ve decided on my new years resolution…
(a bit late. but better late than never)

last years one was to read the Bible in a year. done that… 
but now i need to study it.

glasses pigi love you pig

i AM bored….

32 thoughts on “

  1. oh yeh I remember that resolution…I made it too! Somehow, I think I’ve broken it cos I’m taking my time reading the book. I guess it’s a good thing though cos then I can study as I read!


  2. :O! Where did you pierce it ah?…stick a photo up!…unless its in those places where its not really appropriate to publish a picture on an all-age site like xanga…=PGood luck with the resolution! GB.


  3. hm…everyone seems to be getting piercing, wonder if i shud get one…XD Ah new year resolution!! gl with urs šŸ˜€ mine? er…dunno wot it is…maybe handing my homework on time? XD man school started now šŸ˜¦ and well already brd of it XD


  4. hahahahaok. i zoomed into the picand i have concluded THAT.i dont know what the fairy lights are doing on shaz’ arm. but in real life. im pretty sure they werent there! =POOOOO PIERCINGSSSSSSSlobes yah yah??HAHA and YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS its so addictive xDD


  5. i think girls with tongue piercings can be hotttt…and belly piercings tooo…but not nipple piercings…or the other private part…cos tht is jst FREAKY! lolol
    my contribution is done…(p.s. tht isnt u rite?!?! im sure its nt…but then theres always tht doubt…unlike char im nt familiar with the features of ur mouth ><“)


  6. hahah of course that aint ur mouth! u were worried bout getin ur cartiledge done, let alone go and get ur mouth done!!LOL. how is it?..i mite go and get it done on…..saturday..~ haii* wish u cud come. us 4 havent gone out together in agesss xx


  7. i conclude that the picture looks more like fudgie’s mouth then hannahs.. and yes, good resolution.. i suggest studying one book and doing it with a fellow sister .. nothing helps like the occasional butt-kicking! šŸ™‚


  8. did u realli get u tongue pierced?! did it hurttttt? lol
    i wana get that done 2 and my bottom lip, but im scared that when there’s a thunderstorm i might get hit =.=” lol take care!


  9. heya!
    how have u been? happy belated xmas and new year =)
    yep, piercing can get addictive. ive got 6 ear piercings already. i think i wnt another cartilage piercing done…hm…
    candy xxx


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