exams. school work…. can be very stressful

so let me show you the CORRECT way to revise…

STEP 1. paint your nails (the flowery GOTH way)                   


STEP 2. call/ text a friend

STEP 3. get out camera and play with ruler


STEP 4. get out camera and play with calculator


STEP 5. get out camera and play with glasses

STEP 6. (optional) take out notes…


STEP 7. (optional) maybe consider writing notes down


these steps have been proven by experts (me) to guarantee E’s

however. these steps alone might not be effective if you are smart

for a more effective and direct method…seek the comfort of your bed

i wish you all the very best
i shall return at the end of the day
to let you know how my…’revision day’ went




constant headache, wont go away
constant heartache….wont go away

24 thoughts on “

  1. gal your nails look NICE!!!worse cum to can always open your own nail parlour XD
    and sleep is always the best option..just pray that God will send you visions of your exam questions and revision notes whilst in your slp!!hahaha xx


  2. man…wish i took those steps to revision….u wna see my steps?
    1) open book
    2) fall asleep on book
    3)whilst asleep…subconciously roll onto bed and fall into deeper sleep
    4)wake up in the morning ready to shit myself bcos im almost late for exam


  3. WOW I LYK UUR NAILS!!!! =)
    how did u do that white flowerly bit and white lines??? cozz i ylk the way u did the white lines across blakk blak and white i lykk itt ^^ and ur revision technique haha!


  4. heartache???? what’s that about when you gots jesus???:)
    revision psshh…who needs revision?…i lie… you do need it to pass exams….yup that was my attempt of encouraging you 🙂


  5. lol…yeah u r correct..i totally agree with u…except mayb the lil craps bit…cos to me they werent tht lil ><” one of them was like a meng, the 3rd one with a knife…im so glad he wasnt the one tht hit me first..i probs wud of bin knocked out by it…LOL
    bt yeah…i hate the girls more…they stood there yeah…watching…loving every second of it…til i hit some1 bk and made the 3rd guy pull out a knife…then they gt scared and decided to stop it!!!
    hehe, better luck with the revision larr..u shudnt take advice from me bout revision!! i dnt do ne ><” and i always fail 😦


  6. OMG!! only like the first line of my comment went thru…O_o….i also said….i think ive done enuff swearing for the both of us…and so has my dad…LOL he jst flipped wen he saw blood on my lip and started ranting bout “say hak gwais” etc…i found it hard nt to laff sometimes ><“


  7. hahaha i know!! its ok, the more i think about it, the more i laugh at the fact i mite not be here just cos i went to get food. lol!!!
    oooo ouch to the shed….big tree? i think that big fir tree in the blog mite fall on ours at some point….its blowing around a tad too much…


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