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  1. Is hannah clever YES !!Will she b accepted? YES !!!!Do I look like ζ–ΉεŠ›η”³YES!!! =Pokokok jokes over, remember u taught me u always need to have faith in urself !!!! dnt worry it will be fine =]


  2. of course notall i know on photoshop is “apply image” & “filter” & “image size” hahaha!!!!it is from the portfolio before. just put them up one by one =]LUKIAN


  3. hey sai lo mui! ha, yeah doing alright, resting at home….suffering from snowboarding yesterday…anyways, i’ll go back to hk next week, gonna start my ‘new’ life again…-_-”
    How are you?
    nice photos you have here. artistic huh.


  4. HAHAHAHA omg that pic is sooooo old!!!i look like fay teen there!!XD
    thx u my gorgeous blonde babe!!but i wun admit that i’m turning old!!
    kehehe hope you rfeeling better to sweeti! xx


  5. awwwhh…come.we can have our lil fee por time together.hehehhhe
    hugz         kissez         smilez
    more…hugz      kissez      smilez
    more more…hugz      kissez      smilez
    more more more…hugz      kissez      smilez
    wor ai neee


  6. wakaka, mayb nxt time la. being drunk isn’t that gd tbh =.=’ and well i look drunk that night anyway cos i was so tired lol XD well at least u no how to sing gd etc.


  7. thank yooouuu poorrrrrrrbut i still dono whether or not to take for AS..my teacher told me to take it.but then… i dono… i doubt i’d have enough work in my book etc etcand all that crap =(UWWW >.<xxxxxxx


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