new attitude.

i m sure it would be really fun to date. its interesting when someone
is chasing you, or you chasing after someone… and then to find that they like you too…and bam…dating…. everything
suddenly becomes exciting. you can thinking about the other person all
day. talk to them on the phone all day….continuous texting all day.. some people even
go OUT there with the whole dating thing by dating people far away…
thinking geographical limitations will not be a problem coz you ‘love’
eachother…. making everything sweeter than real life

yah…for some it works….fair enough…

we often have the attitude of ‘if i dont tell him/her i like them and
ask him/her out. it’ll be too late….then im gonna have no one to
marry and die alone!!’ hahah how many times have i said that to
myself??  but it only just hit me that when we think like that we
are focusing purely on OURSELVES. seeking for OUR needs instead of
putting others need before ours. sometimes two people are together
just so that they can get what they want and what they think they need
out of the relationship. and what…they last….1 year? 2 years? what
do you do then after you have gotten everything you wanted out of the

is so easy in any relationship including friendship to focus on
eachother. 2 people walking towards eachother when they should be
walking facing the same direction- towards holiness. purity and love

how many girlfriends.boyfriends are you going to say ‘i love you’ to before you marry a completely different person?

how many ‘forever’s are you going to promise before you spend forever with someone else?

i think is time for me personally to forget about what I WANT and care more about what other needs

‘i kissed dating goodbye’ sounds like such an extreme book… but its speaking to me loud and clear πŸ˜€

is hard but with a changed attitude and by focusing on god (and with
help from special people hehehehe) . i know i can guard my heart
i still remember the 1st time i heard about the book i swore to
NEVER read it…is like… i’ve never even dated before so why should i kiss it
goodbye??!! haahhahah now i wanna live by every word it says. irony

13 thoughts on “

  1. (8) ζœ€εΏƒη—›ζ˜―ζ„›εΎ—ε€ͺι²ζœ‰δΊ›εΏƒζ„δΈε―η­‰ζŸε€‹ζ—₯子 (8) i dnt kno y i wrote tht XDD neway…interesting blog, u have explained this to me so many times bt i ddnt get i do! u shuda bloged about it earlier so u ddnt have to waste ur breath the past 2 3 weeks explaining to me =P its so funny, tht is so not u XDDDD hahhahap.s im 1st !!!!!


  2. OMGGGG 20 quid…. thatZz well good!!!! me need a dress!!! i wanted a creamy white 1 but havent found 1 yet…. i really should be in school but i couldnt be bothered so went home after my driving lesson…. lol… iv got a school prom for lasr year of 6th form ama…ya shOoo kutee….writing essayZz on the most randOm thingZz lol… kekeke


  3. oooooeee PERFECT blog!!!!you go my single sis/TT =D =D hahah feeling so thankful and blessed with everythign atm!!espically with God given me such a brillant jeh like you!!kahaha man wait tilll fri!!yee and enqin will be soooo proud of us!!hahah
    DEFEND BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD xxx


  4. lol. DEEEEP stuff man. i have that book. im like half way through. i always read it. then dont finish it in AGES. then i gota start again cos i dont remember it. and the cycle goes on. i like cecelia ahern books. i sound like such a loser. i bought 2 of her books like 2 years ago. only now have i completed 1. =__= ha..its sooo gd though ^^. and yaaa. aint talked to you properly in a while. dont rlly get the chance. tpf is WAY to grouped. i dont like it v much anymore. anyways. must get back to RS cwk. so. har har mui. i bid you farewell. =] KAR KAR. BOOSH. x hehe


  5. waHh…. lei ho deep aRr….but then it’s actually really true….lol plekplek… i’m in yr13 at the moment…. LAST YEAR IN SCHOOL!!! kaKAka….can’t wait to go to uni….if i get in that is…. what year are you in aRr??xox


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