i feel the need to do an exam update…

i have just had the most stressful few days of my life so far… 
i thought AS exams were bad…but this year was a lot worse…. i had 2
units of chem on monday. 2 units of bio today. i spent whole of last
week revising for chem coz im PRETTY crap at it…. sunday night….
decided to sleep early… closed my eyes and chem equations floated
around in my head

after like….3 hours of TRYING to get to sleep i gave up and started
revising… so monday afternoon came…. i hardly ate anything coz i
felt sick at the sight of food. so i dragged my tired body to take the
exam. 1st paper was alright and i was feeling better….then comes the
2nd paper…. MY GOSH it was hard….. after i checked with people and
books etc and found that i’ve answered almost whole paper wrong….

when chem was over i got home at like 5.30. i knew i only had that evening to revise 2 units of biology…..
*when i said i havent TOUCHED bio i really mean in…someone said to me
today….surely you must have done some revision on it before…..NOPE!*

anyway…. monday evening…. STRESS went to a WHOLE new level… i had
like 6 hours to read all my notes…to learn everything and to do pass
papers… i kept wanting to throw up… didnt eat very much. i was
proper hyperventilating ><

but yes now today…. the most stressful exams are over. still got 2
more exams to cram….but now i think…if i can cram 2 units of bio in
6 hours i can do anything 😛

but to think of it. i only have myself to blame (again)…. i didnt
have to leave things till the month of exam to revise… cramming
worked well with gcse….failed at AS and yet i STILL havent learnt my
lesson for A2….

i couldnt have gotten through these  few days without the support
of my parents and friends! every text meant so much to me ^^ (even
though half the time i didnt have time to reply) but my parents… WOW.
they have never seen me this stressed out before and the support they
gave was incredible!! mum made me food, let me have my way so i can
revise more, drove me to college etcetc and dad was trying to clam me
down etc. is like WOW i never thought they would be so supportive. coz
lets face it is my own fault i got into so much stress!! they were
saying how they dont care what grades i get. i have always sort of knew
that…but never believed it. until they TOLD me.

to think…. how much my parents love me and God loves me MANY times more than that!!

*a tip for insomnia from mum…. PRAY if you cant sleep! i spent like
and hour talking to God last night so my mind wont start to worry about
exams :D*

hooooohaaaa long blog..not done this in ages

now im debating whether to catch up on sleep or not?
or wait till proper bedtime?

6 thoughts on “

  1. if sleeping means chatting to God for ages, then i’m up for sleeping! 😛
    Keep going han! you’re ALMOST there!!! it’s so close, you can smell it. Addoil and praying that somehow time will last twice as long for you 🙂
    love always xx


  2. sweeti i am so proud of you!!honestly for your focus and determination!!You’ve worked so hard and its almost the end!!2left for the both of us so addoil!! and glad your family is so supportive!think parents recognise pure stress when it comes right down to it!;D
    addoil gal and ttys!!take care and many blessings xx


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