wooohooo im back….

left the house at 7.30am went to the airport and simply WAITED for seats

1st flight….overbooked…wait for next flight…..overbooked….then the next….overbooked

left the airport at 8.30pm

so my holiday to the airport was fun….

  • i had krispy kreme for breakfast and some nice lunch
  • had a photoshoot in a photobooth

  • read a magazine (normally i just look at pictures)
  • drew pictures….not done that since i dropped art

  • spent ages with God just singing my heart’s songs 😀

it is annoying that i cant go hk….when i’ve planed so much with my
friends…and i cant see my grandma whos very sick…. but i
dunno…God is God. His way is His way isnt it? and anyway… i am more
patient now… i mean..if i wait at the most boring airport for
10 hours i think i can wait for almost anything!!

also learnt that…. we can not trust in anything else but God. the
world changes all the time. you can plan your life out all you want and
the next second everything can change. but God will NEVER change. the
hope we have in God will never disappoint….unlike the hope we have in

6 thoughts on “

  1. 1-krispy kremes for breakfast…awesome!=D
    2-forget your house for photoshoots..we’re gonna squeeze ourselves into those photobooths with perfect lighting to take pics!
    3-damn your drawings are good!!very very cool indeed!
    4-Dunno why but i’m feeling so proud of you! i mean spending 10hours at an airport waiting and NOT being able to get on a flight sucks! it’ll drive anyone crazy!! but you’ve been patient and understanding and its just…wow!!so so proud to call you my sis!!=D
    5-more time to go shopping and partying!!bring on the sales and drinks!!;) xx 


  2. awww!! han!!!
    kirspy kreme breakfast huh?? i reckon i should try that as my new diet to accentuate my ‘curves’ mwahahah!!! i joke….or am i??? =P
    10hours?! man..the airline company should at least have paid for your krispy kreme breakfast for making you wait so long!!! were there any other people doing the same thing? and if there were….were they all chinese people =P
    wahhh your drawings are amazing!!! (u sure u didn’t take art?) u planning to get married at WMC? (i only ask cos i can see the cross from the main hall xD) That photobooth does have unnaturally good lighting….hmmmm….
    Good lesson you reminded us all on to trust in God always, that he is the only constant in our lives =) proud of you too!! hehehe!!
    kinda bummed though…..does this mean me and elaine don’t get hi-chews? xD
    speak to you soon!!


  3. i had two krispy kremes today,, we bought 12..LOL. 4 each ^^. WAHHH* i hope u enjoyed ur trip to HK!!!LOL!!! had fun i see!!! u saw a khalil lookalike?dammit, u shuda taken a pic of him  – go up to him and shout ” YOU LOOK LIKE KHALIL!” * get camera, SNAP SNAP*.hahhahaahhaha…they would think your crazyy!!!!!see u sunday?? or either a month later..><. xxxxxx


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