one whole year…. in the space of one year i’ve learnt so much. from
pursuing a dream to losing a dream. from failure to success. from pain
to joy. from tears to smiles.

since last years SS i knew i was in for a tough year… but He was
there from begining to end, He sort of prepared me for it. every
step…. even at times i casted Him out. what i achieved i do not
deserve. it is by His grace i have what i’ve got. i now understand all
the pain and suffering of the past year.

abandoning your dream to surrender to Gods better plan… 😀 sometimes
He takes away the things you cling to, the things you want, things you
feel comfortable with…He’ll strip you down from everything. and just
when you think your world is falling apart and theres no way out. THERE
He’ll be.

man…i dont think i can ever forget this year….
Faithful Father


” Now, in our healing journey
as women, we must open our hearts again, and keep them open. not
foolishly, not to anyone and anything. But yes, we must choose to open
our hearts again so that we might hear His whispers, receive His
kisses. “