i feel that after xanga has died out… i have missed a lot of things
happening in peoples lives. not that i encourage relying on the
internet as the only form of communication. but i really do want to know
what you get up to each day, every silly little thing, every happy
moments, your every thought, every photo you take.

i ❤ facebook AND xanga…. yah im THAT sad…

5 thoughts on “

  1. YAY!! another xanga blog!! woop woop!! although we joke about saying how much we have seen each other this week…I have simply LOVED seeing you this week and you make me 🙂 thanks for being you!


  2. love you lots Hannah! yh man! Xanga is back! 🙂 Hope uni is going extremely well for you! I miss spending my 24 hours with you (literally!)
    you are my Juniour…well senior Hero now! keep being and awesome one…
    Helly belly…haha BELL! you miss out the “y”


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