a lot of the time i feel very small….

very boring…

very useless…

not to mention stupid…




other people are always better and greater than me. they are always right and im always wrong
i want to love myself for who i am. i want people to love me for who i am
but sometimes im not too sure WHO I AM.
i only have certainty of my identity in Christ. so that i will cling on to

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”
help me Lord to love myself so that i can love others



i want to do my work but my mind is a bit of a mess at the moment… so
i thought xanga might help….. i have bo idea what i want to type here
but i’ll give it a go…

1st of all…. the same thing keeps recurring in my dreams…do they
reflect what i want? or is it coz i spend way to long thinking about it
during the day? there is something rather crazy about dream in my

what is this i am feeling? i am so afraid i will mess up i wont let
myself feel… but i dont want to be feasting on feelings when God is
more than just feelings….maybe im scared of getting hurt? i seem to
not think God can provide for me…. why do i feel as though i am
waiting on something better? waiting for the ‘next stage’ of my life.
the season of life i am in right now is a good one…. He has given me a life NOW…
why am i not embracing this season of life?? >.<

i dont often initiate conversations on msn… that is because i fear if
the conversation is boring it’ll be my fault. i dont want to take up
someones time by talking to them if they dont really want to talk to
me…. i wonder sometimes how important i am to people? i want to feel
that people around me need me, i want to know that i have a place in
their heart….  so many insecurities…. nut it’s ok. Gods working
on it! if only i would completely LET Him..would make things easier…

there is actually nothing going on in my current life that is
WRONG..there is nothing wrong…everything is going alright. im just
filled with a lot of thoughts and emotions… i m slightly lost in my
own little world….

simply to the cross i cling
letting go of all earthly things
for jesus you will NEVER fail


back to uni work…