this has nothing to do with rectal drug delivery beside the fact that they are the notes infront of me right now.

is almost 1am but im not tired… i took a nap in the afternoon and im
really really awake atm… so instead of learning about the beautiful
rectum …i have decided to blog…

my parents are back tomorrow!! im so excited!! how odd! reading blogs
from this time last year, my parents went away to hk aswell during my
study leave. but last year i didnt take it very well…. i was mega
STRSSED out and had a hard time looking after myself. this year…. im
perfectly fine! no stress what so ever! but is nice to have them back
coz they are bring me back loads of stuff (including my new camera
baby!!) i miss NON-FROZEN food i really do…!!

exams exams exams…. i still have loads to do but im…not stressed!
for once…im not stressed… is a weird feeling to have before exams.
revision is boring but really… is not too bad…. some stuff im
learning is actually pretty interesting…. (yes that includes rectal
delivery..) but i still have to focus alot coz there is still SO MUCH
to go through.

i cant believe God has managed to change me…. changed the way i face
exams..!! past 3 exams i have had , i suffered from MAJOR stress-age…. i am
generally a stressful person anyway.  but i can see how God is
changing me into a more restful person. still a long long way before i
GET there…. but taking my baby steps ๐Ÿ™‚

is a shame i have to go into work tmr…. oh well ๐Ÿ™‚

im too happy to sleep….oh dear….

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  1. han – its been so long since iv commented people on xanga, but since your baby has arrived,i thought i would give you a comment. haha,its been our dream since day1 to have a dslr = and now you do =p. hope it fufills those satisfying photos you’ve always wanted to take but never had the tools to….i know iv wanted to do that. my time will come one day..haha.when exams are over, we need to open up studio r again since we have new tools to play around with =) il be looking forward to that cos its been too long since iv hungout with you properly and have a proper chatt~ xx


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