hmm feels a bit weird writing a blog about this… but i have been
thinking a lot recently…and i want a place to put my thoughts
together. as a tribute. as memories.

i was so glad i had the chance to see you one last time last summer. to
say goodbye. it had been going on for so long…. a year? 2 years???
everytime the
phone rings i wonder if it is people from hk calling to tell us the bad

so on friday morning… wasnt the best thing to wake up to.. at
first it didnt register… but after a few minuets i couldnt help but
cry…. but then i was reminded that you are with jesus now! made me a
bit jealous 😛 i am so happy for you. that you have lived a full
life…. have great children (and not to mention amazing
grandchildren!) you had the chance of knowing jesus and now you are
with Him! i have no reason to be sad!! i miss you so much but at the
same time im so excited to see you again!!

is times like this i know what i place my faith in is REAL. only a REAL God can give such comfort and hope in times of grieve.

i still remember the way you would say my name,  the spaghetti and
chicken wings you would always cook, how your eyes glow when you see
chicken drumsticks…. you are the cutest grandma ever!! its a sahme i
never got to spend more time with you…being in different countries
and all…. but still i love you!


1) i strained my thumb from writing so much in the past months
2) i broke my toe
3) i thought my exam was at 11….only to get a call from my uni asking
me where i was at 10 did i realise the exam was at 10….. so i was late to my exam… but i finished early so all is good
4) i gave personal information to a stranger coz i thought i might have
known him from Boots and just didnt recognise him…. he knows where i
go to school and where about i live….. only to find that i didnt know
him at all… all he wanted was to have a drink with

my goodness……… blonde…blonde….blonde…..