Song of Songs 2:7
“…Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.”

what a beautiful day. because of Christs love, burdens were lifted off.
once again God won despite of all the lies and bitterness. because of
His love we continue fighting for what is the TRUE. how amazing when a
burden is lifted off your mind can THINK again.

i think i have finally got it. when i submitted that area of my life to
Him it meant that it no long belongs to me, nor is it about me anymore.
Jesus has my heart, it belongs to Him and therefore it is precious.
love is not just a feelings but also a commitment. most of the time
feeling over takes…. and we act accordingly to it….. but not this

it is amazing how God can speak to you through a clear starry sky.
He asked me…’do you trust that i have the BEST for you?’

yes. i do…. you made the stars in heaven.. i think you can handle me

so i will wait. im not waiting for what i want to happen, but i am
waiting for what God has planned. the result may not be that i have
hoped for. but i am still willing to submit to His will.

it feels like im going against all my human instincts, all logics, all
feelings, but that is what His love does to you…. it changes
you…and you can never be the same, you can never think the same

now, im at peace 🙂