i saw myself. from another point of view.. am different to the me that i thought i knew.
and that, i thank you

with you i’ve always made an exception
i’ve always let myself be less careful…
you are everything i am not and perhaps never will be
im everything you’re not but i hope one day will be
with you i faced my fears, i cared in the way im not used to
through you i saw my weaknesses
you made me smile, you made me laugh
you made me mad, you made me cry
but most of all you made me think….
my ‘theory’ of live was turned upside down….my ways challenged
i had to find the reason to explain my thinking and motivations
you made me search the desires of my heart, and i questioned them
you made the worlds most indecisive person put her foot down….
you forced the worlds most awkward person to be awkward willingly
i learnt to express myself in ways i have never done before
i also learnt the need to express….
strangely i learnt from you how to show love to my family….
i now know what i need to be

but most of all…
i thank you most for leading me into a relationship
the relationship with my true Prince
the one who is perfect RIGHT NOW
the one who will never get over me, He will never move on
the one who made me worth something
the one who can fulfill my true desires

because you see…..

i need this Prince
i need Him to love and to heal me
i need Him to hold all the broken pieces together