time for a blog before i enter into extreme insanity. there is something therapeutic about typing on this laptop about things other than drugs and mechanisms…

its amazing what difference it makes when you begin your day with a dose of Jesus.

today i am reminded of this song.
“I’ve seen what the world can offer, in all that can sway me i have found. Only You can satisfy”

Only God can satisfy. im swaying. swaying towards what this world can offer, swaying towards everything that is common on this earth. it is so easy…. and it is easy to be blinded to it.

the world’s version of LOVE is fast, exciting, dispensable and refundable. little commitment and centred around pleasure.

God’s version of LOVE is about waiting, not self-fulfilling, indispensable and everlasting. heavy commitment and centred around Him.

Love hurts. and it’s supposed to. Jesus proved that by demonstrating it on the cross… and that HURT a lot.

i like love, but i dont like to be hurt. and im often caught in between the desire of love and the fear of love. but Jesus, with the full knowledge of the cost and pain of love, did not shy away, He did not hide from it.

so Lord be my anchor, i do not want to sway any more.