I was meant to tread the water
Now I’ve gotten in too deep
For every piece of me that wants you
Another piece backs away

‘Cause you give me something
That makes me scared, alright
This could be nothing
But I’m willing to give it a try
Please give me something
‘Cause someday I might know my heart

(Copied from Facebook..)

1st week
– Met the couple I’m living with right now, nice place, nice room, nice people!! The cat didnt like me all that much but I think he likes me a little more now coz i feed him from time to time
– It was hot…hot…hot…
– Wenying arrived. We had too much fun being tourists and eating… eating…shopping…eating…
– HK is a crazy place.. people can be very rude… like rushing into the trains without letting people out 1st… hmmmm

Clinical clerkship
– So for 6 weeks we are placed with the pharmacy students in HK. At the moment they are going into the hospital Monday-Thursday following ward rounds and presenting patient cases
– We are placed with a group of 4 students, very nice people. I do enjoy hanging out with them
– They are super hard working and they know SO much compared to us.. it does make me feel a little stupid and mega lazy. Good thing we dont have to do what they have to do, we just ‘observe’… XD

– The point of HK was so that I can participate in a research project of some sort and for me to collect data to write up my dissertation. After discussing with my supervisor, I have decided to join the elderly out reach project that would have involved visiting old people’s centre and helping them with their medications etc.
– Was pretty happy with the project as it is something that I’m interested in….
– But then….. after researching and doing my proposal, I found out that the people doing the project has actually finished collecting the data…. 😥 meaning I cant do my dissertation…
– Panic Panic…. kept having to remind myself that God is faithful, always had been and always will be
– Spoke to my supervisor and she suggested that I start a project by myself… so this is what I’ll be doing…. now my project is something to do with patient compliance…
– Still not too sure of what is happening but…we’ll see?

– The 1st Sunday WY and I went to The Vine church…
– Awesome worship, talk etc… but felt pretty much lost in the crowd
– So I attended their fellowship 180… awesome worship, awesome talk… but I was pretty much left by myself most of the time… mega awkward…
– Now I’m still looking for an English speaking church a little closer by…

When I was little, living in HK I read a Children’s magazine in primary school. For some reason, one article had always lingered in my mind. I record clearly that it was an article on a home for disabled (mentally and physically) children and adult called Home of Loving Faithfulness. There was one picture I distinctively remember… a photo of a little baby boy without arms and legs. It wasnt just limbless-ness that caught my attention… it was a beautiful baby!!

Many years later.. I moved to England and attended CCiL. One day a lady called Pui Yee came to the church and shared. I found out that she worked at HOLF… it was the 1st time hearing that name after reading that magazine when I was like….8. I was introduced to her by my mum (randomly) and I asked Pui Yee about that baby boy called Ben. She took a photo out of her bag and showed me a picture of the boy and told me that he passed away when he was 3 years old…

Again… many many years later… when I was applying for university to do medicine, I was told that with my grades, it was hard for me to get in. So I began to plan my gap year. I thought about taking a year out and volunteer at HOLF. That didnt happen as God decided to place me in School of Pharmacy… But every summer after that I would try and arrange to go to HK to go to HOLF…. but all my attempts somehow failed.

So now.. in 2010…. (13 years or so later after 1st encountering HOLF) I had to opportunity of going to HK. Before going to HK, Enqin gave me a book on the home and in there I found the story of Ben. I cried reading his story, to know that God used his short life to teach me and to lead me to HOLF. Application to volunteer at HOLF didnt go as smoothly as I would have liked… and there are moments where I thought… This is silly… it cant be from God… All these are just coincidence.

Last Sunday, I finally went to HOLF. I dont think i can express the feeling of seeing this place at LONGGG last in words. It was just a place I knew i HAD to go to… saying No to God on this would just be stupid! I was welcomed by Pui Yee, such amazing woman! I joint their Sunday service and they asked if I can play the guitar… lol So I ended up playing the guitar for worship and no one even cared that I sucked at the guitar!

Pui Yee told me to spend sometime with God in the chapel before showing me around the place. Oooo that was a precious precious time! Is amazing how refreshed one can be after spending time with God 🙂 Pui Yee showed me her beloved garden…. it was amazing… she saw God in EVERYTHING! Every plant, every corner was a way of reminding her of God and His people!!!

People have asked me.. “Arent you scared of the disable people?… We are talking about severely disabled here….” Maybe God had been preparing my heart all these years or something…but I never felt ‘disgusted, freaked out’ towards them (as people expected me to feel). I just saw JOY in them. I smiled SO much..!! They are soo adorable!! A little lady called Fung Tai even shook my hand when she 1st saw me, so welcoming! =) and those people have the most AMAZING infectious smiles!!

There was a point in my life i wondered… Whats the point of caring for these people if they are so mentally disabled. No way can they understand the Bible or the gospel… So does serving them mean a waste of time?

God answered me with the same passage He used to lead me to HK:

Luke 10:21-
“At that time Jesus, full of joy through the Holy Spirit, said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this was your good pleasure.”

Yes, these people have metal age of young children, but they know God in ways us ‘normal’ people dont. They know freedom in ways that we will never know here on earth. They are not tempted by sin. It shows…. their faces… radiates love and joy. They know things that are hidden from us.

This is getting really long, but I just couldnt resist sharing what God’s been doing in my life!! I miss home… I miss a lot of things about England… People being one of them. But every time I wonder why on earth am I in HK… God would remind me that it is HE who has placed me here. Awesome stuff!!