I learnt something very important the other day. 

I was at HOLF, all the residents had gone to sleep and so I decided to help out in the garden. Pui Yee told me before that when I’m doing the gardening I should be praying, there are even areas allocated to remind you to pray for certain things. So I engaged in some serious weeding and praying. 

Who would have thought you can learn so much about Grace through weeding??

As I was weeding I began to pray about the ‘weeds’ in my life, and I saw that as I confessed my sin before God, like what I was doing, that sin is removed from my life and I’m forgiven. Before I started weeding, I actually asked myself… What is the point?? Next week when I come back, this garden will be full of weeds again!! We all know that sometimes even after we have acknowledged and repented our sins before God, few days later we go and do the same thing…. But somehow, God doesnt say… well I’m not going to forgive you of this sin today coz I know you will do it again in 2 days time. God fully knowing that some of the weeds that He digs out will grow back, still does it. 

God is the one who created that garden in the 1st place, and this garden is beautiful. We are like a garden. Flowers, grass, different types of plants…We are created to be beautiful. Weeds… most of them dont look very nice and they compete for nutrient with plants that are grown intentionally. Yes we have a great God that does the weeding all the time to keep us as beautiful as possible, but as gardens… we must make sure that we are not environments that aids the growth of weeds. For example, people laid down pebbles on open soil etc. So our job in life is to protect it from sin, once a ‘small’ sin starts, it leads to more and more, deeper and deeper, until the whole flower bed is over taken by weeds. Grace doesnt mean doing what we ever we want in hope that at the end of the day God will still remove the craps and keep us looking good. 

Weeding is not without pain…. for God to ‘weed’ us, He had to die and suffer for us. And as for me….. After weeding, I gained 37 insect bites on my arms and legs (yes I counted)…. But at least with every itch I’m reminded of Grace and it’s price! 

Thank You for being so willing to ‘weed’ me…!