If only I can just take awkwardness out of my life. Life would be so wonderful…. No more those ‘I wish I was dead right now’ moments…. No more those ‘Please say something other wise I will have to take yet another awkward sip at my water’ moments….

I just dont think I’ll ever get the hang of it… 


I don’t ever go out without brushing my teeth, washing my face, doing my hair, painting my face, putting on clean clothes and looking into the mirror to check that I look presentable.

I brush my teeth yet I sometimes say unkind words. I wash my face yet I dont think twice about asking Jesus to cleanse me from my sin each morning. I do my hair yet I let my mind run wild and let thoughts that dishonour God linger. I curl my lashes to open up my eyes yet I choose to shut my eyes to injustice. I put on clean clothes yet I often forget to put on the garment of righteousness. I check my reflection yet I spend little time asking God how my heart looks. 

I love beauty and I like to look nice (well try to any way….) but how silly of me that on most days I disregard the inner beauty routine? I wouldn’t dream of going out of the house looking like a mess, with dirty clothes and messy hair… So how can I think that it is ok to wake up each day and remain in my sin? How silly of me! 

I’m glad God disciplines the ones He love. 

Man looks on the outside but God looks…. in the HEART