(I’m pretty sure there is a similar blog to this one else where….)

I’ve been so selfish, wanting things my way, giving in to my emotions and feelings. Turns out I’m the one who’s got growing up to do. 


Thanks for all the good times, all the laughters, conversations, memories and most of all, your time. 

Thanks for all the support, encouragements and help when ever you can. 

Thanks for being the one who pointed the problem out, reminding me of what I am looking for and the reasons why. 

Thanks for being the one suggesting solutions and doing your best to carry them out, I on the other hand had not been so good at it. 

Thanks for always trying to do what is best for me at whatever cost. 

But I thank you most for putting my relationship with Jesus before everything else. 

You’ve grown a lot… 🙂 


So, maybe I’ll never get my answer…. But I would like to do the same for you as what you have done for me. 

It was raining when I got out of my train today and I got annoyed. Then I noticed a rainbow and was reminded of God’s promise, a promise that gave me just enough hope to carry on and to preserver. 


I am broken there’s nowhere left to hide 
I’m drowning in need of Your lifeline 
I’m desperate, I’m on my knees again 

I have had all the riches of this world 
They could never, ever take Your place 

I’m coming back to You my love 
I’ve had enough of what I’ve become 
I’m coming back to You 
I’m coming back to You 

I am reaching up to a higher ground 
But gravity has got a hold on me 
But I know Your love will see me through this darkness 

Take my heart and make it clean 
I’m overwhelmed as Your grace covers me 
I’m coming back to You 
I’m coming back to You 

Break me, mould me, heal me, restore me 
You are my hope, You are my hope 
Hold me closely, never let go 
You are my hope, You are my hope 	

This is probably what it feels like to give up smoking or any other addictive substances…

Second time does not necessary mean it’ll be easier…