That’s what you get for holding on to more than what you can carry.

Eventually everything blows up in your face. 

Treading water ending up sinking. 

Now I’m left with none…


Maybe is time to stand on my own two feet again

With both feet on the ground this time…

Bye, thanks for your time



Fear always comes with expectations…

My intentions were great to start with, I hoped much so I expected much…. I held out for the better, time and time again. 

And I foolishly called that ‘integrity’ 

But the standards I had set no long reflects truly what my heart desires. 

You find something that feels right, but against the pre-existing standards, they are simply ‘not good enough’


So I became the ‘not good enough’ 

and now everything is blurry, likes eyes that can not see…. 

It doesn’t matter how beautiful the subject is that you are trying to capture. If the focus doesn’t fall in the right place, the photograph is ruined.