My constant negative attitude has been a major stumbling block for me in serving and in my relationships with people. I fear to hope, fear to wish for what is good, fear to be disappointed. I was reminded at Easter camp that the Christian faith is not about ‘what you can not, should not, must not do’, it isnt about beating yourself up for not being good enough and it isnt about being bounded by rules. We are called to live life to the full, and I believe I have been failing to do so because I had been so concerned about ‘doing what is right’. So much so that I had lost sight of the joy of being obedient. 

I had been so focused on the negatives I had not once praised God for what He had blessed me with. My overly analytical and negative mind stopped me from enjoying fully what God has given me. But now I’m free =)

I have seen his dedication and how he has impacted people’s lives. Instead of thinking he’s not good enough, I now see that I’m the one not good enough. Renew my mind Lord, take away the negativity and fill it with hope. 

I’ve finally realised what an incredible blessing you are heart and I am very excited about what’s to come.


A new season. It has been a happy month. A lot to learn and a lot of challenges still lie ahead. But I find comfort in knowing that I have someone to go through this with. Someone willing to work at things. 

And no matter what, we can never fall too far from grace. I shall never cease to seek, to trust and to hope in You.