How to see Bergen in one weekend 

It was my birthday in September and we wanted a cheap weekend getaway. Flights to Bergen were the cheapest thing British Airway had available, so we thought, why not?

So off to Bergen we went!

After months of googling “things to do in Bergen” and “Bergen in 3 days”, we were convinced that Bergen was going to be one amazing adventure. 


We landed in Bergen around 10am and we took the airport bus into town. We rented an Airbnb for the weekend which was a stone throw away from town centre.  

 You can spend half a day going around the streets in Bergen, the houses are so beautiful! 

We wasted no time at all and by 1pm we were all geared up for our hike in Mount Fløyen. We took the Funicular up to the famous viewing platform where we had our lunch (British Airway pre-packed breakfast!)

After a quick lunch, we started off our trek armed with our trusty map we downloaded from HERE. We attempted trail 8, Rundemanen and Blåmanen mountain, which we highly recommend for those who want a challenge but do not want to be hiking hardcore. We did however get a little lost but some helpful locals pointed us to the right direction. The whole trial took us around 4 hours (including time getting lost, pausing for photos every 10 minutes and pulling ourselves out of the mud)  

We were no doubt exhausted but satisfied after our hike. We headed back to our Airbnb and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Siam Ratree Thai Restaurant. We have been warned that food in Norway is expensive but this restaurant is on a slightly cheaper side (in comparison)! 


Our first agenda of the day was to head off to the Fjord! We pre-booked a cruise to Mostraumen HERE.

Fjord is a symbol of Norway and Bergen is the gateway to the fjords. Be sure to bring a windproof jacket, hat and scarves because the wind is pretty powerful! The cruise was brilliant and lasted 3 hours long, well worth the money in our opinion.  

After the cruise, we decided that it would be a good idea to go back up to Mount Fløyen to catch Bergen at night. Our legs had not recovered from our first hike and the walk to the viewing platform took around 45 minutes. We regretted not taking the funicular up….  

We had to take the funicular back down because the trail down was not lit. We were glad to give our legs a rest! We treated ourselves to dinner at the Fish Market which we thoroughly enjoyed! Don’t leave Bergen without trying some of their seafood. 



Last and final day…. We had a few hours to kill before our flights and we went around the museums. The first was the Old Bergen Museum which is an outdoor museum featuring what houses in Bergen would have looked like in 18th centuries. We aren’t really the museum type but this place was just like a playground!  

Quick check up at the dentist while we were there!  

 We had time to do a quick round at the Hanseatic Museum. Hanseatic Museum is a small museum portraying how German Merchants used to live. The whole thing didn’t take very long so it’s ideal if you have an hour to kill.

This rounds up our trip to Bergen! We managed to pack a lot into our schedule but we did not feel rushed. This holiday felt longer than just 3 days. Bergen is the perfect weekend getaway! 

We’ll leave you with the beautiful Bryggen which is an UNESCO World Heritage Centre. We would past it every day but we never got tired of looking at it. 

Until next time! 


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