5 Things We Learned About Venice





Venice was our first non-honeymoon holiday (a month into our marriage :P) It was a short weekend trip and here are what we learned about this beautiful and romantic city.


1) There are no cars


We knew Venice has a lot of water… but we didn’t know that there are no roads at all in the main island, only canals!

Don’t try to navigate the city on foot using Google Map, it just doesn’t work…

We found that the best way to get around is via water buses. You get a fantastic view of the city and it gets you to everywhere you’d need to go. Beware though, it can get very crowded at times.

2) It’s way too hot in July 


We chose the wrong time to go to Venice for sure. It was really really hot… sweaty sticky kind of hot. We would definitely advise against going in to heat of the summer. Spring time would be the best time in our opinion.

3) Gondola rides are €80 


Gondolas are the symbol of Venice. And yes, it is as romantic as it looks!

The price of gondola are officially set at €80 for around 40mins so you don’t need to worry about bargaining or being ripped off. You can get a gondola in the grand canal or the small canals for a quieter, more private ride.

4) It’s better to stay at Mestra

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 23.25.07.png

We saw countless of tourist dragging their suitcases on and off water buses and travelling through small alleyways and over bridges.

We were glad we stayed in Mestre. It was relatively cheap and it was only a short bus ride away from central Venice. Unless you can afford water taxis, stay away from the main island!

5) Burano is the best 

Burano is an island just off Venice and it is such a happy place full of colourful houses that reminds me a little of Balamory.


You can get there by water buses in 40 mins and you can easily spend half a day there. Don’t forget your camera!

Hope this is useful if you are planning a trip to Venice soon. Message us if you have any questions!

30 thoughts on “5 Things We Learned About Venice

  1. HAHA! I love number 1. Were you really expecting to see cars in Venice?! Actually, they are allowed into the city and if you walk right from the train station and cross the modern Calatrava bridge you’ll see a large piazza with cars, buses and a tram. That’s it. After that, as you learned, it’s all foot or boat.
    Burano was my favourite too. Did you notice how many houses were for sale? Maybe you and your new husband can get yourselves a Venetian hide away. I’d love one.
    Ciao from Rome!

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  2. You are absolutely right about staying outside of Venice, you can get much cheaper hotel rooms and the bus or train ride is not long… Once you are inside foot and water taxi. We were there during November and it was perfectly fine not cold or hot, just perfect. Burano is a must see as well, those narrow streets and the little local shop are so cool. Thanks for this post.


  3. I stayed on the Grand Canal and it was awesome! Venice is a completely different experience after the city clears out. So quiet and peaceful!


  4. HI! Good to read your post. I have been in Venice over 5 times. And I must agree that going off the season is much better. Maybe not even from the weather point of view, but there is less tourists. We went in January and It was great. Temperature was around 20-25. We will share our Venice train couple weeks. Feel free to follow us back 🙂

    CLaudia and Michal

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  5. Ah brings back some fond memories of Venice. Although I went in Spring but it was actually Easter and was crazy busy so I would recommend avoiding then if you go back 🙂

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  6. Good old Venice. We too stayed in the same area, and written a blog about it too. We were lucky we did it in July, when is was just cooling down. Yes we got a little lost too. We passed on the Gondola ride. They wouldn’t budge the price and some of the small back canals smelt. Didn’t get a chance to check out Burano, maybe next time.


  7. I’m dying to visit Venice!!! Great tip to stay in Mestre! I’ll plan for that for sure. I have a feeling I’d skip the gondola ride at that price! haha! Burano looks like an amazing place to spend an afternoon! Thanks for your tips!


  8. Great post, I would love to visit Venice someday! The Gondola ride looks amazing, good to know the prices. Also, good tip about summer travel… I was just wondering how it’d be in June/July, but spring definitely sounds better now 🙂


  9. Venice has always ignited in my mind the image of a peaceful and romantic gondola ride through beautiful canals . So was really happy when one day we found ourselves in Venice and on a Gondola. Yes, we stayed in Mestre when we were there. Nice pointers for people planning to get to Venice.


  10. My parents went there a few months ago and they loved!
    I want to travel more in Europe this year and I am planning to go to Venice 🙂 It looks wonderful there, never hear about Burano, love the colors, just added to my list 😉


  11. Such a different post on Venice. I myself wanna experience Gondola ride. Which are the perfect months for traveling to Venice? Bruano seems to be a small colorful town. Are there staying options available in Bruano?


  12. Great tips, especially about staying out of Venice. I would also like to visit Burano – what a sweet little place! I would love to see the carnival but I hear it’s just as busy then, even though it’s held in February.


  13. I have been to Venice once and I must say your points are all correct based on my experience! I also did not stay inside Venice. Aside from it being too expensive, you are right with all the alleys and water taxis around. Burano holds a special place in my heart – it is so beautiful! I think I even went to two more islands, one of which is Murano.


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