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My old suitcase has started to fall apart and I have been looking for an excuse to get a new and lighter one.

I came across It Luggage recently after seeing a few friends use theirs on holiday. What drew me to this brand is their large selection of lightweight suitcases. So I decided to give their Mega Lite suitcase a try on my recent trip to the US.

It Luggage is a family owned business based in the UK. They have been around for over 30 years and they produce over 100 designs every year!

The suitcase I am reviewing is the 30″ 8 Wheel Core Megalite luggage in black.


– 81.5cm x 48.5cm x 30.5cm + 5cm expander including wheels and handle

– 76cm x 48cm x 30.5cm interior + 5cm expander

– 129 litre capacity

– 3.2 kg

– 10 year warranty

– Expander zip section

– 8 wheel glider

– Ultra lightweight


First thoughts

This suitcase is seriously light especially if you consider how big it is! The 8 wheel system means that this suitcase glides beautifully on flat surfaces.

I also love that there are so many pockets! They even have a space for you to put all your travel documents, iPads and keys. The inside is a very simple design but look how spacious it is!! It is also expandable to accommodate unplanned shopping sprees when you are on holiday (which came in handy for us)

I was worried at first about the durability of the suitcase as the suitcase is very soft. But then again, with a 10 year warranty I didn’t really have much to worry about!

Test run

Honestly, packing for my US trip was made so easy. I had so much space and I was able to pack more outfits, shoes, extra coats… It really helped that the suitcase is mega lightweight because we did have to carry it up and down the stairs a few times. (That’s where the husband comes in handy!)

We did a spontaneous shopping spree in an outlet mall in Vegas and I did not worry for a moment whether things would fit in the suitcase. I had no problem packing all my new things in and I was still nowhere near the weight restrictions for my flight home.

My suitcase survived the long journey and came home intact!


I love the 8 wheel gliding system because it meant that I didn’t have to pull it around. However, I did encounter some minor problems…

The suitcase would not stay still on trains… It kept gliding everywhere unless I held on to it or sat on it. It is also very difficult to move around carpeted area. My suitcase toppled over a few times when I was trying to move in it the hotel where there was carpet.

I am sure these problems occur with all suitcase of a similar design.


I give this suitcase an 8/10. I love how it looks and feels and it was great to use. It can be difficult to move around carpeted areas but then again, you don’t often wheel your suitcase on carpet. If they somehow introduce a break system so that it won’t roll around on a moving train or slide down a slope, then I would give it 10/10!

It Luggage is certainly a brand I would recommend. They are very inexpensive yet very durable, lightweight and very well made.


**Disclaimer- This suitcase was a gift from It Luggage for the purpose of this review. However, all photos and opinions are my own**



9 thoughts on “Review- It Luggage 

  1. Whoa! What a big bag this is! I’ve never been on such a long trip that I would need this kind of size, but with all kinds of new destinations on our travel list, this might come in handy one day! Thanks for the review! Will keep this one in mind!


  2. I appreciate your honest review and stating your problems with it. I always look for lightweight suitcase. But with its size, its more suitable for long trips with major shopping. Still, i will consider this in the future.


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