7 Ways To See New York



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If you have been following our blog, you would have read a little bit about our recent New York trip. New York is indeed a concrete jungle that is way bigger than it looks. On the map, everything looks relatively close to each other but it isn’t until you start to walk you realised the map has lied to you.

Here are our tips on how to get around and see New York in all its splendour.


Walking around the streets of New York feels a bit like walking around a movie set! But soon the novelty wears off, your feet start to hurt, you are trapped in this oh-so-confusing grid system and every street starts to look the same…

Walking is great but things are a lot further than they seem. Having to cross the road every block means you waste a lot of time waiting for traffic to pass.

2. Public Transport

The famous New York Subway! Got to admit, we were excited to ride it in the beginning. But again… the novelty wore off pretty quickly. As dirty and smelly as it is, the subway is one of the cheapest and most convenient mode of transport for tourist. You sort of have to experience it at least once when you are in New York!

Tip: Buy yourself a Metrocard, either top it up as you go or purchase a 7-day unlimited pass for $32.00. If you are doing the pay as you go option, buy 1 card to share between 2 people (provided that you are travel together at all times) and save yourself $1!


We never got to go on a yellow cab but we did use a lot of Ubers. Uber Pool is a cheap alternative to regular taxis. Uber Pool allows you to share ride with other people at a fraction of the cost!


With our New York Pass we were able to rent bikes for free! We rented bikes for the Brooklyn Bridge and for Center Park. It saved us a lot of walking! The rental comes with locks so you can take breaks, park your bikes up and have a wander round. Each rental last 3-4 hours so there is no need to rush.

5.The Ride


This was one of the most unique ways to see New York! The Ride is a theatrical experience that set its stage at the very heart of New York. Unlike usual bus rides, you sit facing a floor-to-ceiling glass window. There are 2 hosts on the bus that will make sure your experience is as entertaining as possible. Expect to laugh, sing and even dance your way around New York!

We cannot recommend The Ride enough! Tickets are $74 each but it is free with the New York Pass! There are limited seats for New York Pass holders each day, so be sure to arrive at The Ride ticket office early to secure your seats!

6.Big Bus Tours

Big Bus Tour comes free with the New York Pass. This is a sure way to get around New York without getting lost. The bus stops at most attractions and landmark so you won’t have to worry about finding these places yourself.

You get a good view of the city, especially on the open-top deck and there is also a tour guide to make sure your ride is a fact-filled and a fun-filled one.

7.New York Water Taxi


The Yellow Taxi is a hop-on-hop-off water cruise and it’s a great way to see the city. This was also free with the New York Pass and we took the circle line which gave us a fantastic view of the Statue of Liberty, much better than those free, crowded ferries!

Have you been to New York? What is your favourite to get around?

** Disclaimer: We were gifted with our New York Pass but all photos and opinions are entirely our own**


32 thoughts on “7 Ways To See New York

  1. Love NYC! My favorite way to experience the city is always on foot or via public transport. To get the best views, you have to figure out a way to get a helicopter ride. Nothing better than seeing the city from up high. Great tips.


  2. Great post! I’ve been to NYC twice and have still never been in an yellow cab, much to my disappointment. I enjoyed the Subway purely for the people watching opportunities, so many characters 🙂


  3. Super cool! It’s definitely great to see a post that shows the many alternatives to getting around from a fresh perspective. Living in NYC has made me forget some of these things. Haha! I do like Uber though, because the subway is one of the last things I like to use for the reasons you’ve stated. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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