There Is More To Travelling…


It is easy to explore the world and fall in love with all the different places, but it is easy to forget about the people living in these places. The best travel experiences are always the ones where you get to interact with the locals because it is the people that makes a place great!

If you love travelling, I assume you love the world; if you love the world, I assume you are interested in the people who habit the world. If I am right, keep reading… if not, still read anyway teehee! (Give away at the end too!)

We have been working with The Eden Ministry recently and been thinking a lot about people living in pain and suffering around the world. In particular, those who are trapped in the horrific cycles of human trafficking.

What is Eden Ministry?


Eden Ministry is a Christian organisation working to bring hope to women in who have been victims of sexual abuse and trafficking. Their aim is to serve and restore freedom to the captives of Asia’s red light districts. They use their international jewellery business as their main platform. They provide training and careers for those women and empower them to start a new life with hope and without shame. The training they provide gives them another mean of making a livelihood.

All profit they make from their business goes back to the ministry to ensure that even more women can be freed from slavery!


How can you get involve?

Buy and wear


It is not often you get to shop for pretty things and save the world! Their jewellery collections are handmade, exquisite and unique. Each design tells a story of hope and grace.

Each piece is carefully packed with a story from a woman who had been rescued. This really helps to see human trafficking victims as individual people, not just another social issue.

Visit their online shop HERE.

UK residence can email the UK representative Hazel ( directly to order from her.


Pray for the success and protection of this ministry- they are working in some of the most dangerous places in Asia and they really need God’s protection.

Pray for those who have been rescued. They are the most vulnerable to being re-trafficked.

Pray for the not-yet rescued. So many are still trapped really needs help. Their lives are in danger and the ‘job’ they do day in day out is soul destroying.


There are many ways you can practically help, click on the links below to find out more.


You can donate any amount to Eden Ministry HERE. Every penny you donate will be invested into helping more women in Asia.



Share this blog, show off your jewelleries, tell all your friends, post in on Facebook or Instagram…. Just get the words out!!

Their aim is NOT to make a profit but to increase the demand of their jewelleries in order to create more jobs and opportunities for women still trapped in human trafficking.


Check out our Instagram for your chance to win your own Eden Ministry jewellery!





13 thoughts on “There Is More To Travelling…

  1. This is so true about travel. We get so wrapped up in seeing the sites, that we forget about the people in the places we travel. We have no idea what struggles they have. It’s a good idea to stop and ask about their culture. Help them in any way that we can. This jewelry has an amazing message, and it’s beautiful.


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