The Ultimate Guide To Driving In Corfu


Our recent trip to Corfu was a very memorable one. We went there to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and we had such a lovely time! With only 3 full days there, we were pressed for time and there was a lot we wanted to see!

Corfu would not have been the same had we not rented a car. Corfu is a relatively small island but they do not have a very robust transport system. There are buses you can take but they don’t seem to be very frequent. Plus, your own car is of course more comfortable than public transport!

We rented a car from King’s Rental Company Corfu. The procedure was simple and seamless. They were prompt at replying to emails, queries and our booking was confirmed quickly. All that was needed was a driver’s licence and insurance comes free with the rental.

Picking up the car

Upon arrival at the airport, we were greeted by someone holding a sign or out names (just like they do in the movies!). After some quick paper work, we were lead to our rental car parked not far from the airport.

We were given a red Suzuki Swift and after a quick introduction, we were off! The guy from King’s Rental was really helpful in answering any questions we had about driving in Corfu.

Navigating around Corfu

We used our phone’s data and Google map to navigate around Corfu. We didn’t have any problems at all and we seemed to get signal everywhere we went.


The driver’s seat is on the left hand side and you drive on the right hand side in Corfu. This was a little confusing at first but we got used to it pretty quickly. Graham was driving like a pro within half a day!

There are some big roads in Corfu but you will encounter a lot of small, narrow roads and a lot of hairpin turns!!


You will find free parking pretty much everywhere in Corfu, especially if it is a touristy area.

There is a large car park in Corfu town but it can get full up in the evenings. Most street


  1. Bring a phone holder for the car from home so you can use it as a sat nav
  2. Ask for a small car if possible
  3. If you see other cars parked somewhere, chances are it is ok to park there
  4. If you are driving on a small, tight road and you are not comfortable going fast, find a safe place to pull over and let the locals over take you
  5. Be prepared to drive slow and be ready to reverse on the really really narrow roads
  6. Make sure you have data on your phone so you can navigate around. If you do not want unnecessary roaming charges, try TEP Wireless, a mobile WiFi device that can connect up to 5 devices anywhere in the world!


Enjoy 10% off TEP Wireless with our discount code “CHAUS”!

Our itinerary

If you fancy a road trip in Corfu, you can try our 3 day itinerary and adapt it depends on where you are staying.


  • Pick up car at airport
  • Drive to our hotel in Ipsos (free street parking) *link to Dominoes article*
  • Ipsos beach and Ipsos strip
  • Palaiokastritsa beach and monastery (free car park at main beach)
  • Sunset dinner in Agio Stefanos (free street parking)


  • Sidari beach, Cana D’amour (free parking on the beach)
  • Back to Ipsos to freshen up in hotel
  • Corfu town for a wander and dinner (free car park near the port)


  • Drive to Corfu Port for Paxos and Antipaxos cruise
  • Corfu town for dinner


  • Drop off car at the airport

We highly recommend you rent a car for Corfu as it will allow you to explore more of the island. Thank you King’s Rental for making our trip to Corfu so special!!


King’s Rental Company Corfu

Price: From €34/day


**Disclaimer: We rented the car on a complementary bases for the purpose of this review but all photos and opinions are our own**

15 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide To Driving In Corfu

  1. I’ve been looking for somewhere to go for 4-5 days and this looks perfect! Love your sunset picture. 🙂 Thanks for all the info! x


  2. Blogging about how to drive in Corfu – Girl, you da real MVP 😛
    This information is gold! thank you for taking the time out to share it with us 🙂


  3. I would love to do a roadtrip in Greece! I went to a lot of Greek Islands when I was a kid/youngster, and I adore this country so much. I only made a quick touch down in Corfu with the plane on my way to Zakynthos, so this island is definitely on my list!


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