Staying in Dublin- Hotel Review


img_2862Molesworth Court Suite We recently took a trip with Dublin with our parents. We wanted to stay together as a family and the opportunity to stay with Molesworth Court Suite came up.

We had a lovely 2 bedroom apartment all to ourselves in the heart of Dublin. This apartment is kitted with 2 double beds, fully functioning kitchen with ovens and cookers, a large and bright living room space and a bathroom with a bathtub.

It really felt like we were staying in a family home and there was so much space we did not feel like we were stepping on each other’s toes!

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Hong Kong In 3 Days 

Hong Kong is a special place to us. It is where our parents originated from and where one of us grew up. We would normally spend at last a week there when we visit but this time, we only had 3 days…! There is so much to see, do and eat in Hong Kong, packing it all in 3 days was a difficult task… Continue reading