• a REALLY stunning face
    • a lovable personality
    • pretty hands
    • curly long eye lashes
    • blonde hair
    • nice nose
    • the perfect body
    • a baby brother/sister
    • a mansion with indoor and outdoor pools. 100+ rooms
    • something that im proper good at. like a real talent
    • a bf or a prince. which ever one comes 1st
    • perfect A grades for everthing
    • a nice sweet comforting voice
    • smart, fully functioning brain
    • a polaroid camera
    • good english skills
    • the ability to make people listen to me
    • the ability to dance. ballet and stuff
    • a bedroom that can see both the sunrise and sunset
    • a thinner face
    • perfect vision
    • all the clothes i want
    • double bed
….and the list goes ON

but those are things in life i DO NOT need coz i have Jesus! phew….

and anyway. everything i have already i dont deserve.
but at the same time if anybody can get me those stuff above.
feel free to! 

25 thoughts on “

  1. yea i ask that myself, how does she do it?! XD guess its cos maybe she’s…sharon XD and yea u have some BIG wish list XD but kinda figured that u actaully do have most of the things anyway XD ohoh hows the piercing? gd?


  2. aiyOoorrrr…. uU got me cravin for brownies…so this morning… i woke up and thought letZz make some as i cant be asked to go and buy some…. went downstaires with the recipe in the hands…. got the eggs, sugar etc….then realised…. i had no plain flour in the house (X.x) waHhhhh mun dow or aRr….. hAiiiii lol… ANYWAYZZZ lei dim aRr??? kekeke erm…. maHh nu yearZz been oki so far kekeke hopefully, it’l be a good year la~~ how about yourZz aRr??? plekplek… uU doing anything in the weekend???xox[P][dot][essy] i wrote so much about the brownieZz LOL


  3. from how u said i had ‘talent’, it just sounds like ur taknig the piss =.=’ hm..well i hope ur ear gets better πŸ˜€ and stop watching those videos!!! they’re not gd for u!


  4. i think u gt a nice nose, stunning face, pretty hands, lovable personality, really stunning face..and others..but i gues ppl have different interpretations and definitions for pretty and lovable etc.
    if i wrote up my wish list…actualli i wudnt be bothered..cos there is actualli too much for me to write..mauahaha xD


  5. oo i just read ut blog !!!! u wana be blonde XDDDDDDDDDDDXDDDDDDDDDDDDXDDDDDDDDDDDXDDDDDDDDY the heck would u wana b a blonde BIMBO !!!! XDDDDlmaoooooooooooooo hahahhahahaau have all top 7 things la πŸ˜‰ wink wink


  6. God will give more than you asked for =D and you DO have a thin face!!! also…blonde hair doen’t suit oriental people wahahhaa =P
    Wow upload my singing xD maybeee laa!! Depends on my mood and if I’m unlazy enough to do it ^^


  7. hahahHhaa…dunt we all want them things on da wish list.well most of it neway.lolz
    n u canty have a perfect body…cs ur a fee por…n fee pors are fee ukno ukno ukno??hehehhee
    i love u so so much x


  8. kaKAka!! the stuFf you wiSh to have seemZz to be what everyone wantZz??? but……IV GOTA DOUBLE BED!!! lol but then you’ve probably got a lot more thingZz that i dont have….that was very motivating but i havent been out food shopping so still havent got flour *sniFf*


  9. lolol. see! u SHOULD pierce it yourself XD. or i’ll do it for u =D hehe. its not actually THAT hard. its kinda like…oooh oooh ooooh….nearly….oww….OWWWWW…..’POP’ and its through. and then u feel this woah of triumph HAHAHA =P. and then u put the butterfly on and its like ouchyy….and then u put ice on it. and its like mmmmmmmmmm ^^ hahahaha XD. D.I.Y i tell ya =P. i did mine myself, aint got infection….YET =P hehehe. was FREE. muahaha. like everyone else has said. blonde hair does NOT suit oriental people =___= *shudders* haha. KAR KAR. x


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